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I had a hen who could count her own eggs

She was a mathamachicken

When is a hen following the letter W

That's it

Why did the hen fall in the well?

she couldn't see that well

What do you call a hen staring at a bowl of shredded lettuce?

Chicken sees a salad

What are our names?

A hen and her chick are having a talk.
"Why do humans have names, but us chickens don't? All we have is chicken, or hen.", asks the chick.
"Well, humans may have names when they are ALIVE, but when they are dead, they are only called ghosts.", Says the hen, "but, we have lots of names when we are dead. Such as chicken curry, fried chicken, roast chicken...."

Why did the French Hen give up her job?

One day she'd just had un Ε“uf.

Coloured Eggs

A rooster was strutting around the hen house one Easter morning and came across a nest of eggs dyed every color of the rainbow.

The rooster took one look at the colorful display, ran outside and beat the heck out of the resident peacock.

Asked a hen how many eggs it lays daily?

It said: two eggs

I said: Oh strange!

It said: what's strange? the fact that I lay two eggs?

I said: no, the fact that you talk

A boy asks his father what a female chicken is called.

His dad answers "A hen, son."
"And a male chicken?" asks the boy. "They're called a rooster."
"How about a baby chicken?" to which his dad answers "A chick."
"So dad, what's a chicken?"

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Neither, it was the selfish Rooster that came first and the Hen never even finished.

What do you call a hen that can add, subtract, and multiply?

A mathamachicken.

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How did the rooster meet the hen?

Chicken tinder....

A hen is having a talk with its chick

Chick: Why do humans get names but we don't? We are only called hens, or chickens or roosters.

Hen: Well, WE might not get names but when we die, we have many names. Humans on the other hand, are only called zombies or ghosts.

Chick: What are we called when we die then?

Hen: Names such as, curry chicken, roast chicken, fried chicken..

What do you call an abusive mother hen?

An egg beater

My grandpa told me this one today

There was a boy who lived on a farm. He decided that he wanted to pull an Easter prank. So the next morning he went into the hen house and swapped out all the eggs for colorful Easter eggs. When the rooster came in he took one look at the eggs and then immediate ran and killed the peacock.

Not the best joke but it made me chuckle

Before I moved to the US, I used to prefer chicken to beef.

But that was hen and this is cow.

I saw someone eating noodles with some chicken on it.

It was the best hen thai I've ever seen.

What came first, the hen or the egg?

The rooster. ;)

What sound does a French hen make when it lays an egg?


A hen walks into Subway

The sandwich artist says, "Sorry, we don't serve chicken."

Once John went to the market and bought a hen..

He kept it in the shed.
But the hen was stubborn and escaped from the back door.
John caught it and kept it in the shed again.
But the hen was stubborn and escaped from the back door.
John once again caught it and kept it in the shed.
But the hen was stubborn and escaped from the back door.
John now caught it, killed it, cooked it and ate it.
But the hen was stubborn ....

What does an evil hen lay?

Deviled eggs!

I once had a hen that could count her own eggs... (BPI)

She was a **mathema-chicken.**

\- Brought to you by the Bad Puns Initiative (BPI)

Dad jokes

What do you call a hen staring at a head of lettuce?

A Chicken-sees-a-salad......

Why did the Hen make her Rooster cross the road?

Because he was using fowl language.

Whenever a guy named Stephen tells me what to do,

I like to yell, "you're not my real hen!" and run away...

What happens when you cross a bull with a hen?

A dead hen.

A couple of hens were discussing the days events...

... One of the hens is flustered and worried, so she tells the other hen, "I think one of us is gonna get it! I heard Farmer Brown tell Neighbour Jones that he was gonna stay home and choke the chicken tonight!"

Brother Hen!

A guy goes to the Doctors and he says "Doctor, I'm really worried about my brother, he thinks he's a Hen "
The Doctor says "well have you taken him to see a psychiatrist?", and the guy says "Don't be stupid, we need the eggs "

What do you call a hen that counts its own eggs?

A mathemachicken.

One day mother hen laid an orange.

When they saw it all the other chickens said, "Look what marmalade."

What did the hen use to finish her homework?

A cluckulator

Everyone always asks when the chicken came...

But no one asks about the hen

What's a baby hen called?

A chic hen

Here, have a joke in Japanese

"What do you call a 'hen' in Japanese?"

"Hen desu ne"

What would the name be of a magician duo containing a chicken and a deaf woman?

Hen and Keller.

Why did the comedian get kicked out of the hen house?

He cracked one to many yolks.

How does a hen leave it's house?

Through it's eggs-it

What time does the chicken farmer go and collect the eggs?

About half past hen

What do you call a headless hen?


How did the Irish hen break out of prison?

\(Irish accent\) It pecked the lock bad OC ok around here? :\)

A couple had a hen called Stephen. They divorced and the lady got a new partner. The hen was the new partner's...

Step hen.

What do you call a tie made for chickens?

A hen tie.

What did the hen take to help him see?


How did the British turn the Chinese gay?

Because they got hen hooked on OPium

What do you call a bow covered in chickens?

A hen tie

What did the hen wear to the office?

A hentai

What do you call it when a hen raises pigs?

She's a chicken with a bacon ranch

I took my sister and her friends to a poultry farm the other week

It wasn't the hen night she was expecting

What did the hen say when she saw the scrambled eggs?

My poor, mixed-up kids...

Soul's Dad built him a hen house on his birthday

He calls it "Chicken Coop for the Soul"

What do call a very nervous hen?


Old McDonald's prized hen asked another chicken to lay on her egg for a while

But it cracked under the pressure

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