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I COMPLETELY disagree with Trump's military trans ban...

I mean, wouldn't all those attack helicopters be useful??

Why don't helicopters fly in the morning?


A genie appears infront of a man...

And tells him that he can have 3 wishes, but his ex wife will get double anything he asks for.

The man thinks and says "I wish for a trillion dollars"

"It is done. Now your ex also has 2 trillion dollars."

"I wish for the biggest mansion in the world with everything that comes with it, servants, helicopters, the works"

"It is done. Your ex now also has 2 mansions."

The man nods his head and then says "I wish I was beaten half to death"

Whoever invented police helicopters doomed us all

Everything's gonna happen now that pigs can fly

The CIA, F.B.I and a local police department take part in a contest and are tasked with finding a rabbit released in the nearby woods

The police department deploys search squads and dogs, and after 4 hours comes back with the rabbit.

The FBI deploys helicopters and drones and finds the rabbit in 2 hours.

The CIA comes back after 30 minutes with a badly beaten bear who cries out I am the rabbit! And I surrender

So who's winning?

Two men talking at the bar:

\- So, whats new?

\- NATO is at war with Russia

\- Oh, so how it's going?

\- Russia lost couple thousands of their soldiers including their elite squads, over hundred helicopters and planes, couple hundreds of armored vehicles and tanks, three vessels, capability to exchange currency, Ikea, McDonald's and it's possible their whole country will go bankrupt in couple of weeks.

\- And how's NATO doing?

\- NATO didn't entered the war yet

A list of things that helicopters do in movies

1. explode
2. ​

Helicopters joke, A list of things that helicopters do in movies

A man gets woken up by intruders in his house.

He phones the police and says "There's people robbing my house, please send help".

They dispatcher says there's no cars or police available.

The man hangs up and phones back 2 minutes later.

"I just shot the guys. They're both here with bullets in them"

2 minutes later, police cars, helicopters, armed forces, counter-terror police turn up and raid the house, catching the burglars in the act.

The police looked confused and asked "You said you shot them!"

The man replied "You said there were no police available."

Why does Peter Pan fly everywhere instead of using airplanes or helicopters?

Cause when he used airplanes and helicopters, he could "Neverland".

My friend started a business selling helicopters.

It's really starting to take off.

They always say "when pigs fly"...

but cops have had helicopters for years!

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Compared to planes, helicopters are extremely complex, and have to be crafted with inhuman precision...

It's a wonder they ever took off...

How to you tell a naval officer from and RAF officer on an aircraft carrier?

The naval officer is trying to feed bread to the helicopters!

Can any of you think of any jokes about ejector chairs? I am trying to think of one for a powerpoint

So far all i have come up with is. something about helicopters

Using the phrase "when pigs fly" to suggest an impossibility is surely out of date.

The police have had helicopters for years now.

A northern californian sees alot of helicopters in the sky...

...he turns to his friend and says, "Hella Copters"

Helicopters joke, A northern californian sees alot of helicopters in the sky...

Why do female pornstars never take up a second careers flying helicopters in the airforce?

They get them up fine, but they have no experience getting a black hawk down.

Women are like helicopters...

You know they work and you trust them, but if you make any effort to understand them whatsoever you'd be too terrified to go near them.

Why wouldn't Pope Pius bless any helicopters when they were first manufactured?

Because whenever one started up, the big blades would go "wop...wop... wop" and the little blades would go "guineaguineaguinea".

Breaking News! Self-aware remote control helicopters have just been invented.

They're flying of the shelves!

What do you call a bunch of helicopters?


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