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What's it called when a King and Queen have no children?

A receding heir line...

What is the difference between a tennis ball and the Prince of Wales?

One is thrown in the air, and the other is heir to the throne.

Why did King Arthur leave no heir?

He was legendary for pulling out.

Heir joke, Why did King Arthur leave no heir?

What did the disgruntled barber give to the prince?

A bad heir day.

What did the court jester call the balding crown prince?

The Heir Apparent with no Hair Apparent.

What do you call a hypnotist that works with wealthy children during the summer?

an heir conditioner.

Why was the bald king so sad?

Because he had no heir.

Heir joke, Why was the bald king so sad?

Did you hear about the prince who was having trouble at the barber?

He was having a bad heir day.

What's the best way to send a letter to Prince Charles?

Heir mail

How did the king die?

He had a bad heir day

What do a prince and a football have in common?

One's heir to the throne, the other's thrown to the air.


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Why did prince Oxygen inherit the throne after the king died?

Because he was the rightful heir

Kevin and Stuart both named Bob as the sole beneficiary in their wills....

They made him a Multi Minion Heir

Why did Queen Elizabeth I suffocate to death?

Because she had no heir.

What do you call it when a King gets a vasectomy?

A heir cut

The owner of Bell Incorporated has just died...

The first in line to receive the inheritance is the owner's son, who gladly accepts it. However, the company lawyer says that he needs to take a photo of him for legal purposes. After developing the photo, he sends it off to the employees in the company to announce their new boss. He says "Here's the fresh prints of Bell heir".

Heir joke, The owner of Bell Incorporated has just died...

Why did Prince William lose his cool?

He wasn't properly heir conditioned.

The Queen of all dairy was rumored to have the most beautiful successor in all the land.

She had the finest Dairy heir.

What do you call a dying man's son with a cleft pallet?

Heir lip

My barber was telling me about how he was going to disinherit his son...

Yeah, it was quite the heir cut.

My wife asked me to treat her like a queen.

So I divorced her when she failed to bear a male heir.

Why did Prince Wlliam want to become a pilot?

Because he was the 101st heir born.

What do you call a suffocating king?

No heir to the throne

Did you hear about the radio personality who murdered his only son while broadcasting because he didn't want him to receive any inheritance?

There was a lot of Dead heir on that show.

What's the difference between a prince and a booger?

A prince is the heir the throne, a booger is thrown to the air.

My Hooters waitress was pregnant so I called the manager and said

"Can we get another waitress please? This one has an heir in it."

Both the milk man and his daughter

Had quite the dairy heir

What do you call a spirit of pride, entitlement, privilege, and arrogance?

An heir elemental.

A King and Queen are having trouble conceiving a child...

So the king starts holding his breath. When the Queen asks him why he says, "How can I breathe when there's no heir?"

I convinced my son if he didn't try to keep me cool during Summer he wouldn't be written into my will...

Apparently I'm now a bad father simply for wanting some heir conditioning.

My parents didn't vaccinate their kids.

Fortunately, I was adopted by them and it helped me to become their sole heir.

What is the difference between a chimpanzee with a baby, Prince Charles, and a person with alopecia?

One is a hairy parent, one is an heir apparent, and the other has no hair apparent.

Why couldn't Henry VIII breath?

He had no heir.

What is the difference between a prince, a bald headed man, a monkey and an orphan?

The first is an heir apparent, the second has no apparent hair, the third has hairy parent and the last has nary a parent.

Edward Carrington Marshal, the only son of John Marshall, who was the original owner of the famous Liberty Bell, was found dead.

Police suspect Will Smith, since his fresh prints were found on the bell heir.

What is the cannibal King's favorite joke during diner ?

"There's a heir in my soup !"

If anything happens to me, everything I own goes to my dog

He's my Heir Bud

What do you call a guitar you inherit from your parents?

An heir guitar.

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