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Why are the Irish so rich?

Their capital is always Dublin. Hehe

Boy: [kissing girl on couch] you wanna take this upstairs?

Girl: He-he, sure baby.

Boy: Awesome! Grab the other end, and try not to scuff the banister.

What did the scientist say when he found two isotopes of helium?


Im making bad chemistry jokes coz all the good ones argon

I swallowed two cans of helium today


Two Helium atoms were acting funny


What did the scientist say when he found 2 helium atoms?


What did the scientist say when he found two isotopes of Helium?


What did the Scientist say when he found 2 isotopes of Helium?


Accordion to a study done by Stanford University, 9 out 10 people don't notice when words are substituted for music instruments


What did the chemist say when he found 2 isotopes of helium?


Two Helium Atoms Are Bonding.


What tastes good but doesn't smell good?

A tongue.


Human fetuses are essentially the same as the creature from Alien. Only they take longer to gestate, and if they don't kill you on impact, they'll do it slowly over the course of years...

My mom says such silly things when she drinks hehe

A smoking hot girl walks into a bar.

A guy at the bar says, "Wow, you're gonna get laid tonight!"

She replies, "Hehe, how do you know?"

He replies, "Because I'm stronger than you."

How many immature people does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Hehe... 'screw'

Alternatively: 69, but everyone expects that one.

If 7 equals C and 9 equals E. What does 8 equal?



What did the helium atom say to the other helium atom


What do you call a plant that is a DJ?

A photosynthesizer


What was Michael Jackson's preferred pronoun?


Why did the golfer wear two pairs of pants?

... Incase he got a hole in one.

HEHE one of my favs.
Whats your fav joke?

Too bad helium isn't diatomic...


My girlfriend said she wants to break up with me because im too childish

i said please give me another chance
she said "no, we're through, done, finished, end of, period.
so i started laughing
she said "what are u laughing for?"
i said "hehe, you said period"

Periodic table lesson

What did the scientist say when he found two helium atoms?


(It's ok I know where the door is, bye)

What does a lawyer wear to court?

A lawsuit. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaahahahahwhahhwhahagahahaaaaa ha ahh ha ha hehe ha

I know some of you have heard this, but What did the scientist say when he found two isotopes of Helium?


It's my fave science joke lol

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