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What do you call a closet full of l**...?

A liquor cabinet!


Doctor are my results ready?

"Doctor, are my results ready? I'm dying from curiosity!"

Doctor: "Heh, not only from curiosity ;)"

What do you called a bee after it dies?

A zom-bee!


Why did the wizard become a chef?

He was great at saucery. Heh.

At what point...

At what point does CPR become necrophilia?



When you're both stiff.

First post here :D

I should become a bomb specialist...

It's a booming industry.


A man is talking with his pet fish,

The fish tells the man that the word "gullible" is on the ceiling, the man looks and sees nothing on the ceiling.

The fish mutters under it's breath, "Heh, gillable."

How do you make a prepubescent laugh?

Heh, p**....

What do you call it when someone has s**... with Dwayne Johnson?

Rock Climbing.

A Faster Taxi

The taxi was traveling at over 90 mph through the middle of the town when the male passenger tapped the driver on the shoulder.

Heh, what's all the rushing for? Slow down a bit.

Sorry, mate, I thought I heard someone shout 'faster, faster', , said the taxi driver.

Well, you heard right, but she wasn't talking to you! came the reply.

My sense of humour rubs off on other people.

Heh... Rubs off.

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Where do cats go skiing?

On a meowntain! Hahaha haha hahaha ha cough heh

Are you a parking ticket?

"Because you got fine written all over you."

-Glenn Quagmire

P.S. heh heh, ohh riggght.

What did the SI7 Agent say to a piece of bread in a costume?

Heh, disguised toast.

Hey idiot!

Heh, called you an idiot and you looked.

(Not my joke. Credit goes to the janitor)

I'm the valedictorian of my class!

Heh, better than saying all of my classmates died.

How do you stop volcanoes from erupting?

Give them earth control pills*!*

heh heh heh...

Do you know how to scare a bee?

You say, "Boo bee!"

Heh heh. Booby!

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