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My son lost a youth baseball game because of heavy rain...

...he received a precipitation trophy

Code red for storm Eunice in The Netherlands

A friend of mine is now on Texel, one of the Dutch Wadden Islands, off the coast of The Netherlands. Sadly, the weather conditions there are very, very bad. The perceived temperature is close to freezing, lots of heavy rain, and wind gusts of close to 100 mph (150 km/h). They are now completely isolated, they cannot leave. They're completely stuck. His mother-in-law does nothing but look through the kitchen window. He's thinking, if it continues like this, he'll have no choice but to let her in...

I signed up for some Meteorology courses.

MET 104 Standing in Deep Water
MET 105 Standing in Heavy Rain
MET 106 Acting Amazed

The Aquatic Research Fish ponds overflowed last night because of heavy Rain.

it flooded the residential area nearby. A man walked into his back yard the next morning and saw his entire basement was filled with water, and hundreds of fish swimming in his pool. He went in his house and called his insurance company. He told the representative what happened. She replied "Sorry, we don't cover acts of Cod."

Despite the heavy rain, I drove my old b**... around with my German girlfriend. As the journey went on, I realised that she has a snake obsession.

She kept telling me that I needed vipers.

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