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Funny Heaters Jokes and Puns

Want to know why I like space heaters?

"They make great housewarming gifts"

My girlfriend this morning: "Men were made to be heaters. Warm me up"

"Why do you think man discovered fire? So we can get out of these responsibilities"

I used to install on demand water heaters, but I quit.

It was a tankless job.

Heaters joke, I used to install on demand water heaters, but I quit.

Marriages are like water heaters

They sit peacefully for years, until they explode in a fireball ruining everything you own

Space heaters are such a waste of electricity

I'm on Earth.

My friend said nobody likes using space heaters.

I thought, that's such a blanket statement.

Why is space cold?

There is no where to plug in the space heaters.

Heaters joke, Why is space cold?

I hired a plumber to install on-demand water heaters in my house

It was a tankless job

How does a Mexican keep warm ?

They use chicken for heaters

Why is outer space so cold?

All the space heaters are on earth!

Tiger, Lance and Tom walk into a cold bar...

"Heaters," the bartender cries in frustration, "I told him to send me heaters!"

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Why don't plumbers like to work on instant hot water heaters?

It's a tankless job!

I landed a pretty sweet contract designing a server farm in Canada!

But I'm confused why they requested heaters in their server rooms...

Want to know how the Cold War was ended?

It was with Robotussin and space heaters.

I saw an ad for electric heaters made by the Amish. How do they know if they work?

Why did the plumber stop installing water heaters

Because it became a tankless job

Heaters joke, Why did the plumber stop installing water heaters

How do astronauts keep warm?

Space heaters!

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