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Funny Heater Jokes and Puns

How many hipsters does it take to fix a heater?

None. They did it before it was cool.

Why did Jim buy his friend a space heater?

It was a housewarming gift!

A space heater...

would have to be huge.

Heater joke, A space heater...

I bought a new heater for my wife, as she is constantly complaining about how cold our house is.

She didn't like it at first, but now I think she's warmed up to it.

Nun takes a vow of silence

A woman joins a convent that requires a vow of silence, allowing members only two word a decade.

Ten years go by and the woman tells the head nun, "Room cold." They give her a heater and she goes back to her prayers.

Ten more years go by and she says, "Bed hard." They give her a new mattress and she goes back to her prayers.

Ten more years go by and the woman says, "I quit." The head nun says, "Fine by me. All you've done since you got here is complain."

browsing craigslist

Saw a post for a hot water heater for sale. I responded and asked if it worked on cold water as well.

I recently bought a superconducting electric heater...

I was not impressed!

Heater joke, I recently bought a superconducting electric heater...

How does ISIS turn on their water heater?

They light the pilot on fire.

An uncle of mine used to throw a space heater into the pool to heat it up before he would go swimming during the colder months

Come to think of it, he only did it once

What do you call an unappreciative water heater?


What's the best gift for a house-warming party?

A space heater

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Why was the Astronaut cold?

He forgot to bring a space heater.

My new hot water heater told me he feels unappreciated.

I guess it's become a tankless job.

How do you heat hot water?

In a hot water heater.

What is the best feature of a Trabant?

There's a heater at the back to keep your hands warm when you're pushing it.

What's mostly black, and if it were to fall out of a tree, would break your heater?

Your heater

Heater joke, What's mostly black, and if it were to fall out of a tree, would break your heater?

My dog is in the kitchen making herself a hot dog

Sitting in front of the heater vent, its cold out.

I had a heated argument with my wife last night...

Apparently leaving the water heater on got me in hot water.

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