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What do you call a stoner that complains about luck?

A Hearthstoner

Death comes upon you. What do you tell him?

A man is wandering through a film studio, when he suddenly hears a loud crack. He looks up, and almost in slow motion, he sees a giant set piece falling towards him.

With a silent puff, the Grim Reaper appears beside him. In a panic, he points and shouts:

"Sean Bean is over there! "

Inspired by a battlenet forum post for Hearthstone :)

Hearthstone is...

...a competitive eSports game.

Hearthstone's TGT Decks are live! Log In and Play!

What is most popular hearthstone deck in Germany?

Patron Warrior because Everyone Get in Here

League of Legends, Dota, and Hearthstone are now on ESPN


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