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What do you call an orthodox jew that is prone to heartburn?


[My apologies]

My friend Gav died of heartburn the other day


My mate died from a bad case of heartburn

I can't believe Gaviscone.

Heartburn joke, My mate died from a bad case of heartburn

Two ants are eating burgers...

When the first ant says, "oh I'm getting heartburn. I need to take some antacid."

The second ant replies, "don't kill yourself! Think of your wife and kids!"

Such a sad day - a friend of mine died of heartburn

Still can't believe Gaviscon

Gavin died today of heartburn.

I am so sad gaviscon.

Yesterday my dear friend Gavin passed away after taking heartburn pills.

I can't believe Gaviscon.

Heartburn joke, Yesterday my dear friend Gavin passed away after taking heartburn pills.

My friend Gav died last night from taking too many heartburn tablets...

I can't believe Gavisgon

I accidentally switched up my Zantac and Xanax.

I still have heartburn, but I don't really care about it anymore.

Why do white girls help fight heartburn?

Because they're so basic.

My mate died of heartburn today.

Can't believe he choked on a gaviscon.

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Why did the doctor prescribe formic acid for a patient with heartburn?

Because it's an ant-acid.

My friend died suddenly of heartburn today...

Now Gaviscon

I wondered why my heartburn medicine was making me depressed...

Turns out I was drinking Pepto-Dismal.

My friend Gav recently passed away after suffering from heartburn

I can't believe Gaviscon

My friend Gav died from heartburn this morning.

I can't believe Gaviscon

Heartburn joke, My friend Gav died from heartburn this morning.

I mixed up my Zantac and Xanax again...

Now I have massive heartburn but I really don't care.

Gav, an old friend of mine recently passed away by choking on a heartburn tablet

I still can't believe gaviscon

Why did the vampire's lunch give him heartburn?

It was a stake sandwich.

If you get heartburn every time you eat birthday cake

try removing the candles.

My dearest friend died a few days ago from extreme heartburn and indigestion ultimately leading to heart failure.

I still can't believe that Gav is gone.

I used to get heartburn every time I ate birthday cake...

...then I learned you're supposed to blow out the candles.

My friend Gav died from heartburn yesterday...

Sadly, Gaviscon.

My friend died of heartburn and indigestion

I can believe Gaviscon

If you always get heartburn evertime you eat cake...

...try taking the candles off.

Why do some people take formic acid to treat heartburn?

Because it is a type of ant-acid

Did you hear that Gavin died?

Yeah, I know… I think it was heartburn.

I can't believe Gaviscon.

I lost my good mate Gav yesterday due to an overdose of heartburn tablets

I can't believe gavisgon.

Today I found out my best friend Gav died of Heartburn

I can't believe Gaviscon

My friend Gavin died of heartburn...

I can't believe Gaviscon

Why did the hippie driver refuse heartburn medication?

Because anti-acid would ruin the trip

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