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Today I asked my mom what she did for a living, she replied "I'm a headmaster".

To which my dad replied "yeah she is"

What do you call a principal who gives good blow jobs?

A headmaster.

Monica Lewinsky was recently offered a new position at a prestigious boarding school.


Headmaster joke, Monica Lewinsky was recently offered a new position at a prestigious boarding school.

So I read J. K Rowlings announcments.

I finally understand how dumbledore got The title of headmaster.

I call my girlfriend Dumbledore

Because she's the real headmaster

Young boy comes home from school early from school, his mother asks him why he's home early...

Boy: 'the headmaster expelled me from school for using the C word in class!'

Mum: 'That wasn't clever was it'

Boy: 'No, it was cunt'

Sorry if repostage :/

Why did the one eyed headmaster close down his school....

Because he only had one pupil

Headmaster joke, Why did the one eyed headmaster close down his school....

Mother is waking her son: Paulie, come, wake up, you have to go to school.

Aw mom, just a bit more sleep, please.

No, it's really high time, now get up.

But I don't want to. The children annoy me and the teachers are a complete pain!

Stop it, now. Get up and off to school with you!

Mom, give me two good reasons why I should go to the stupid school.

Paulie, first of all, you're **45**, and second, you're the **headmaster**.

Hey girl are you Dumbledore?

Because you can be my headmaster

Why was the hot teacher promoted to principal?

Because she was the Headmaster!

My first submitted joke :)

I heard Dumbledore is gay

Talk about a headmaster

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Why did the headmaster at school never give my parrot a seat in physics class?

Because he was named the Polly Exclusion Principal.

My girlfriend isn't the principal of a school...

But shes definitely a headmaster in bed.

Who is the most important headmaster in physics?

Bernoulli's Principle

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