Hazelnut Jokes

What are some Hazelnut jokes?

An Australian man sits down in an American diner

And orders a cup of coffee. The waiter comes back and hands the man his drink. He takes a drink and calls the waiter back.

Is something the matter? Says the waiter.

Yes, said the man. I ordered a coffee, but I got a cup of hazelnut creamer.

I'm sorry for the mix up sir, but you did specifically order a cup of hazelnut coffeemate.

Wanna hear the joke about the Chocolate hazelnut spread??

Nvm... I'm Nutellan you.

A doctor has a regular routine...

Of visiting his local pub precisely at 5 o'clock daily. Every day the bartender prepares for his arrival by having his hazelnut daiquiri made and waiting for him. One day, the bartender goes to prepare the drink when he discovers he is all out of hazelnut. He quickly decides to use hickory hoping the doctor would not notice. The doctor comes in at 5 o'clock and taking a seat, draws a sip from the drink waiting for him. He immediately spits it out exclaiming, "This isn't a hazelnut daiquiri!" "No." replies the bar keep. "It's a Hickory Daiquiri Doc."

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