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Funny Haydn Jokes and Puns

Why couldn't Beethoven find his teacher?

Because he was Haydn

i've got a Liszt of great composer puns that's Haydn in my closet somewhere...

i could look Bach there and read it to you, but i don't think you could Handel it.

I brought a classical musician back from the past to prove that my time-machine works, but I can't find him.

He must be Haydn.

Why couldn't people find Joseph?

He was Haydn!

Why couldn't C.P.E. Bach find his contemporary?

He was Haydn.

Why couldn't Mozart find his teacher?

Because his teacher was Haydn.

Which classical composer is best at playing hide and seek?

Haydn. [OC]

Classical pun

Why have they not found Mozart's body yet?

Because he is Haydn.

why couldn't mozart turn in his test?

his teacher was haydn

Haydn and Mozart killed a guy.

Haydn is dragging the body while Mozart is looking for a hiding spot.He found an old pit to put the body and scream "Hey Haydn here!"

Two classical composers bump into each other on the street, because one is reading the sheets to his soon-to-be finished symphony.

He quickly hides the sheets in his pocket, but the other composer notices and asks:

β€žWhat are you Haydn?

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Why was the Austrian composer so hard to find?

Because he was Haydn.

What's my favorite music game?

Haydn Seek.

Why couldn't Mozart find his mentor?

Because he was Haydn

Why is it always easy to find Beethoven?

Because he's not Haydn.

Did you hear about the fight between Haydn and Beethoven?

You didn't? Neither did Beethoven.

Why couldn't the Duke of EsterhΓ‘zy find his music composer?

Because he was Haydn.

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