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What are a male donkey's pronouns?

He / haw

Donkey joke

Bob's having a beer in a bar, as you do. Another guy walks in and the barman shouts 'hey here's donkey' and everyone laughs. Bob being a decent bloke goes up to the guy now sitting alone in the corner and asks 'hey mate why does he call you donkey'. Guy replies 'I don't know .....he haw, he haw, he hawlways calls me that.
That's my first and now probably last post

What did the Chinese cowboy say?

Nii haw!

Kanye has a new country album in the works

It's called "Ye Haw"

A group of miners finished working and went to a bar

but the bartender wouldn't serve them. Ha! Ha! You get it? "Miners!" Haw! Haw!....ah, never mind.

Yee haw

A cowboy comes riding into town one day, only hes riding on the horses head. One of the townsfolk ask him as he riding by, "how do you stay on that horse so good"? To which the cowboy replies "its not a horse, its a unicorn"!

What haw two wings and an arrow?

A Chinese telephone.

(I'm Chinese and I give this joke the Chinese stamp of approval)

I was driving with my dad when we passed a cemetery. My dad goes in a low, dark, creepy voice "do you know haw many people are buried in that cemetery?" I was like nooo?

He rasped, "All of them!"

What does a feminist from south say?


How do Chinese Cowboys greet each other?

Ni Haw!

What does a millennial cowboy say?

Yeet haw!

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