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This article examines the use of 'hatred jokes' to promote self-hatred and intolerance, and how such jokes can be seen to incite violence or genocide. We explore the implications for society of allowing humour to become a tool of hate and offer ways to help combat this type of harmful humour.

Funniest Hatred Short Jokes

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  1. I work at IBM as a quantum computer developer and last night i hooked up with a gender studies graduate. we had nothing in common,
    but eventually we bonded over our mutual hatred for binary systems.
  2. Why are socially-aware western tourists avoiding Nice, France for their late-summer getaways? All that Muslim hatred can really run you down.
  3. What do you call a bird that drunkenly conveys a compelling perspective on racial hatred? Tequila Mockingbird.
  4. I used to know a crippled guy who had a serious hatred for the National Anthem... Just couldn't stand for it.
  5. TIL that the word 'democrat' comes from the roots 'demo' meaning hatred, and 'crat' meaning evildoer. I think the word 'gullible' has similar roots
  6. Did you hear about the idiot who had a pointless, irrational hatred of chickens? He formed a group called the Coop Clucks Clan.
  7. Today mankind lost their long-standing symbol of unity and hatred. Seven years to be symbolized, and seven days to die. A sad time to be alive! It's like everything has been... Rewinded.
  8. At the French restaurant I recently visited, my meal was filled with contempt (and cheese!) I could practically taste the hatred of the chef. No wonder the menu item is called "The Crepes of Wrath"
  9. What evokes the most hatred from a group of insecure macho men? Caitlyn Jenner, because she's a far superior athlete to almost every man on the planet.

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Hatred One Liners

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  1. What do you call a doll with a fiddle and a hatred of Jews? A Doll Fiddler
  2. I have an uncontrollable hatred for abbreviations! Ask me anything.
  3. What do you call a hatred for large plants? Bigotree
  4. Why does the farmer hate his job? because he has a deep-seeded hatred for planting.
  5. Which country in Africa do incels have an unimaginable hatred for? Chad.
  6. How does Mike Tyson say hatred? Hate Thread!
  7. Never yell about your hatred towards black eyes at a NAACP convention.
  8. I used to have an irrational hatred of that song from frozen... but I let it go.

Hatred joke, I used to have an irrational hatred of that song from frozen...

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A patient walks into an optometrist's office.

The optometrist starts the eye exam and casually asks her if there's any particular reason she came in for a checkup.
"Doctor, I think am having hallucinations. Every time I open my eyes, I see really dark things. Evil. Malice. Hatred. Plague. I am seeing the worst in everything. Nothing looks like it used to. It's as if everything I see is shrouded in darkness."
The optometrist sits back from the patient, confused.
"That's interesting," he said, "because from what I can tell, you see 20/20."

What's the difference between Donald Trump and tumblr

One's a moronic waste of space with no understanding of how the American political system works, and a borderline fetishistic hatred of Hillary Clinton. The other is Donald Trump

Hatred joke, At the French restaurant I recently visited, my meal was filled with contempt (and cheese!) I could