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When I was growing up # was pound, not hashtag

Good thing it changed, since "pound metoo" would've been sending the wrong message

A lot of people call # a Hashtag but back in my day it was the pound sign

which makes the movement #MeToo a bit awkward

I took a selfie after my kidney removal surgery

hashtag nofilter

Hashtag joke, I took a selfie after my kidney removal surgery

Why do they call # hashtag and not pound

Because feminists wouldn't appreciate PoundMeToo movement.

I once made a small hashtag out of glass...

It weighed a pound and was a little sharp.

Drinking water in africa

hashtag nofilter

When my parents were growing up it was pound not hashtag

Good thing it changed too because otherwise pound metoo would have sent a wrong message

Hashtag joke, When my parents were growing up it was pound not hashtag

Considering that the hashtag is also called the pound key

#MeToo is just asking for it

I remember when the hashtag symbol was the pound symbol...

With that in mind... #metoo

The world of hashtags is very accepting

i mean, #include is the most used hashtag.

Kids these days be like..

Hashtag, you're it

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Found out the paper in my favorite jeans is made from hemp.

Hashtag Hashtag


probably doesn't involve a lot of running.

Yo mamma is like a hashtag...

Trendy and overused.

I was using hashtags before it was even a quarter of the size it is now...


What's a potato's favorite game?


Hashtag joke, What's a potato's favorite game?

My kids are so addicted to Twitter they got me this crappy mug for fathers day

What kind of hashtag is "world's hashtag 1 dad"?

What hashtag does Star Wars characters use, when they have been sexually assaulted?

If we need a fun new hashtag for global warming...


What do you call a mean hashtag?

A harshtag


Hashtag was started by Bill Clinton when he was asked about who he would have sex with.

What's the most common hashtag on elephant Twitter?


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