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Funny Hash Jokes and Puns

Considering that the hashtag is also called the pound key

#MeToo is just asking for it

How do computer addicts buy weed?

They press the hash key.

Our marijuana dispensary has a recorded message...

If you want to buy marijuana press the hash key now .

Hash joke, Our marijuana dispensary has a recorded message...

What is a stoner's favorite food?

Hash browns.

What did one hash brownie say to the other?

We're so baked.

What did the stoner say to his friend?

I'm so high,I can hear the brownies talking to each other.

Okay, let's hash this out now...

Who else is going as the corona virus for Halloween?

Why aren't Hungarians worried about the prospect of starving in a Zombie apocalypse?

Well there will always be Ghoul hash.

Hash joke, Why aren't Hungarians worried about the prospect of starving in a Zombie apocalypse?

Why is a computer security specialist's favorite breakfast food?

Salted hash.

What do millennial stoners play during recess?

Hash Tag.

It's no wonder Trump supporters can't figure out how they got through 650k emails in 8 days

Everyone knows only liberals are familiar with hash.


probably doesn't involve a lot of running.

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What did the Cryptologist have for breakfast?

Hash with alot of Salt

Why did the cryptographer go to Amsterdam?

Because he wanted a stronger hash

I tried to make some weed cakes earlier

Made a total hash of it

So I phoned up the drugs helpline last week..

And this automated voice said, "For more information on marijuana, press hash."

I was using hashtags before it was even a quarter of the size it is now...


Hash joke, I was using hashtags before it was even a quarter of the size it is now...

What do you call a hash brown trying too hard to be sexy?

A tater thot.

Being on Twitter is like getting stoned and chasing after people.

It's all just a game of hash tag.

What hashtag does Star Wars characters use, when they have been sexually assaulted?

I think I have a crippling addiction to hash.

Corned beef hash, that is.

I give to you a joke I made up when I was thirteen: What is the Virgin Mary's favourite drug?

Heavenly hash.

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