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What did Harvey Dent do after he got out of prison?

He became a dentist...

What do Harvard and a virgin have in common?

You try so hard to get in but 9 months later you regret you ever came.

How do you know someone went to Harvard?

They tell you.

Harv joke, How do you know someone went to Harvard?

How do you get a Harvard graduate off your doorstep?

Tip him for the pizza.

Why was the harvester pleaded guilty?

Cause he's a cereal killer.

How many Harvard graduates does it take to change a light bulb?

Just one. He holds up the light bulb, and the world revolves around him

*I'll see myself out*

Harvard Business School's secret tagline

Putting the Ducati in e**ducati**on since 1908

Harv joke, Harvard Business School's secret tagline

What do a Harvard lawyer and a Yale lawyer have in common?

They both got accepted to Yale.

Harvard University accepted my application!

I'm going to be their best janitor!

What do a Harvard student and Yale student have in common?

Both got into Yale.

What's Harvey Price's favourite gas?

Carbon Mongoxide

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Did you know Harvey Dent's a big George Michael fan?

#cos he's got a half face - face - face#

Now that Harvey Weinstein's Hollywood career is over, he's decided to open a bank.

Word is that he's been giving out plenty of unwanted advances.

How many Harvey Weinsteins does it take to change a lightbulb?

That light bulb will change itself right in front of him if she knows what's good for her.

Harvey Weinstein was going to do a remake of the movie "Brigham Young"...

He kept referring to it as, "bring 'em young"

What do Harvey Weinstein and Macy's have in common?

Little boys pants, half off

Harv joke, What do Harvey Weinstein and Macy's have in common?

Everybody is saying Harvey Weinstein is the worst person in history, but I think they're forgetting that Hitler is the worst person in history

I mean if he finished what he started, we wouldn't have to deal with Weinstein

Harvey Weinsteins weapon of choice?

The Rapier.

Harvey Weinstein had a dream job.

A weird sexual fantasy one,but a dream nonetheless.

Did you know Harvey Weinstein once submitted a slogan to Carl's Jr., but they had to change it?

The original slogan was, "You're not leaving this place until it's all over your face."

What do Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey have in common?

The House of Cards they had built in Hollywoodland has now made them The Usual Suspects in Sin City. This was supposed to be LA Confidential but apparently they couldnt find Consenting Adults. The American Beauty of this is that they will now forever be Inglorious Basterds.

Harvey Weinstein's career

Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, and all the other people that no one will be hiring should start a band

They could be the next super grope

Do you know why Harvey Weinstein likes to buy cheap screws?

They are the only things he can get to strip

I really liked Harvey Weinstein's speech about sexual misconduct

It was very touching

What is Harvey Weinstein's favorite sword?

The Rapier.

How do you harvest crops in the winter?

With an ice sickle

How many Harvard students does it take to change a lightbulb?

Two. One to hold the bulb and the other to rotate the world around him.

Harvey Weinstein just turned himself in to the police station:

Police Chief: "I understand your intentions, but please pull up your pants"...

Was Harvey Weinstein arrested today?

He looked rather tense.

How do you tell whether someone went to Harvard?

You don't. They will definitely tell you.

How do you know someone went to Harvard?

They won't stop talking about how they went to Harvard.

How do you know someone went to Yale?

They won't stop talking about how they got rejected by Harvard.

What's Harvey Weinstein's favourite type of olive oil?

Extra Virgin.

Harvey Weinstein


Harvey Weinstein joke with journalists

Journalist: Were those nude photos of you that the jury looked at?

Harvey Weinstein: No, it was Playboy !

Harvard University

I guess my dream is finally coming true. Among many people who applied for Harvard University,they chose me to be the janitor.

Me, I like to harvest grains with a scythe.

Though not many people here like those of us who reap oats.

How do you know if someone went to Harvard?

If they did they would've already told you about it

I got into Harvard!!!

I don't know why people say it's tough to do, they don't even lock the doors.

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