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The Best jokes about Harpoon

So I was in the movie theatre...

and I was watching an incredibly sad film. So sad that the man behind me started wailing, then he hit me in the head with a harpoon.

I went to the cinema to see a really, really sad film.

The guy behind me was just wailing. Half way through, a harpoon hit the back of my head.

I wanted to take yo mama out,

but I didn't have a harpoon.

What's three feet tall and can't turn around in a hallway?

A toddler with a harpoon in it's throat.

So I'm here at the wailing wall,

like a moron, with my harpoon.

Chilli pepper like a harpoon

It hurts a but when it gets in, but the real pain is when it goes out.

Movie Theater

I was in a theater last night watching a very sad movie and all the sudden this guy behind me starts whaling and I get hit in the back of the head with a harpoon

How do you save a baby from drowing in the ocean?

Harpoon it.

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