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How do you make the best Harlem Shake video?

You throw a flashbang into a room of epileptic children.

My medication says to store it in a cool, dark place.

So I keep it in a jazz club in Harlem.

Happy Father's Day

or, mass confusion, if you live in Harlem.

Harlem joke, Happy Father's Day

What's the most positive thing in Harlem?


What do you call a globtrotter after you put him in a blender?

A Harlem shake.

If you ever find yourself having a problem in Harlem

Find a group of guys and look at them for a few minutes. They will then ask you what your problem is..

Why did the old lady keep crossing the street?

She was in Harlem.

Harlem joke, Why did the old lady keep crossing the street?

The only person I want to see do a Harlem Shake video

is Michael J. Fox.

What do the Globetrotters do when they're finished urinating?

The Harlem Shake

If you watch Harlem Shake backwards..

If you watch Harlem Shake backwards, its about a guy who parties longer than everyone else.

What do you call a person from NY that is having an epileptic seizure ?

A Harlem Shake.

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What do you call an earthquake in NYC?

Harlem Shake.

Why did they plant trees in Harlem?

Public transportation.

What is the most awkward day in Harlem?

Father's Day

Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin got it on in Spanish Harlem. As a result, Aretha gave birth to twin girls on the longest day of the year. What did they call them?


Old/new joke about Negroes

What do you call a traffic jam in Harlem? A blood clot.

Where do you go to fix it? Statin Island

Harlem joke, Old/new joke about Negroes

Can you believe the fight between the Harlem Globetrotters and the Convicted Murderers hasn't started yet...?

They're still weighing up the pros and cons

Remember the Harlem Shake? What a ridiculous dance.

I remember when the Harlem Shake was a black fella holding me upside down off of a fire escape trying to collect his money.

How do they chop firewood in Harlem?

With an ask.

Why do Harlem trials never result in a conviction?

Because they always end up with a hung jury.

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