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4 million of these people enter our country every year. They are uneducated, unskilled, and contribute nothing. They are a burden to honest, hardworking Americans and our government is doing nothing to stop them, not to mention they're dirty and they smell bad. THEY DON'T EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH!!

I really hate babies.

As a hardworking American I'm proud to finally say I'm a millionaire

Unfortunately, nobody in the states is accepting payment with Zimbabwean dollars.

Why do waiters love serving hardworking people?

Because they always give a hundred and ten percent

Hardworking joke, Why do waiters love serving hardworking people?

What's the difference been a hardworking, caring, mother of 4, and a terrorist?

You can negotiate with a terrorist

Generation Z is best known for being hard-working

...within the Minecraft community.

Miners are the most hard-working people.

Even after one dies, he's back underground in a couple of days.

Did you hear about the hardworking heroin addict?

He was always up burning the midnight foil.

Hardworking joke, Did you hear about the hardworking heroin addict?

Interviewer:So what are some of your good qualities?

Man:Well , I can asure I am hardworking, good with teamwork, diligent, and of course trustable.

Interviewer:Amazing, what about your bad qualities do you have one?

Man:I do have ,I like to lie.

Who was the most hardworking president?


I'm an honest, hardworking kind of guy.

I lied, I'm too lazy to even come up with a good punchline for this.

An honest politician, a hard-working civil servant and Santa Claus find a 100 dollar bill.

Who gets to keep it? 

Santa does, the other two are creatures of myth and legend.

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2 Truths And A Lie

Hardworking Black Man.

Why was the car mechanic very hardworking at changing tyres?

He really wanted to retire

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