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A jew and a Chinese man are in an argument...

The jew says, "I hate your people for what you did at pearl harbour". The Chinese man says, what do you mean? That was the Japanese!". The jew replies, "Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, you're all the same. So the Chinese man says, "Well I hate your people for sinking the titanic". The jew says, "That's ridiculous; an iceberg sunk the titanic!". The Chinese man responds, "Iceberg, Goldberg, Silverberg, you're all the same".

I was holding a door open for this asian guy and he said "sank you".

I punched him square in the jaw, how dare he bring up pearl harbour like that.

An American is moving to Britain...

...So he decides to learn the british way of spelling things. So he spoke to a Brit he knew and he was told the following:
"So: Color turns into colour. Harbor turns into harbour. honor becomes honour. Starting to notice a pattern?"
So he writes an e-mail to his new boss:

"Good mourning sir....

Harbour joke, An American is moving to Britain...

A Jewish and a Chinese Guy.

Once two dudes, a Jewish and a Chinese were talking.

J: You evil Japanese started World War 2 by bombing Pearl Harbour.

C: I'm Chinese, not Japanese.

J: But you all look the same.

C: Well you sunk the Titanic.

J: That was an iceberg.

C: Iceberg, Goldberg, Bloomberg, its all the same to me.

How do Americans make tea?

By throwing it in the harbour.

An Australian man is walking across Sydney Harbour Bridge when he sees his ex-girlfriend standing on the railings ...

An Australian man is walking across Sydney Harbour Bridge when he sees his ex\-girlfriend standing on the railings, about to commit suicide. He apporaches her and asks:
\- Hey Sheila, what's the matter?
Tears in here eyes, she says:
\- I'm pregnant Bruce, and it's your baby!
To which Bruce replies:
\- Woah Sheila, not only are you brilliant in bed \- you're also a great sport!

A double bass player

A double bass player gets a call for a gig. Says he has to meet everyone else at the docks at 9pm. He's there waiting when he gets bashed on the head and knocked unconscious.

He wakes up ducked taped to his bass, floating in the harbour. After his first panic fades he looks around and notices several other players also ducked taped to their basses, bobbing in the water.

After a pause he yells out "Hey, do we get fed on this gig?"

"We did last year!" one answers.

Harbour joke, A double bass player

Pearl Harbour 9/11'd Josh Hartnett's career.

Three disasters in seven words that make a fully coherent sentence. Can anyone do better?

A boy is talking to his 100 year-old grandfather...

The grandfather says, "You know, when I was not so much older than you are now, I lived in Sydney, Australia. In fact, I earned a bit of spare change helping on the construction of the ol' Harbour Bridge."

The boy says, "Wow! That sounds fascinating! Was it exciting?"

The grandfather, shaking his head, says, "It was just riveting work."

Why did the researcher take his paper to the harbour?

To get it pier reviewed.

After putting up with Asian driving, it got me thinking...

Pearl Harbour was probably an accident.

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This PS4 Pirate Simulator game is rubbish! Bringing your ship into harbour is a nightmare!

I guess it's just a bad port.

[OC] So did you hear about that harbour in Brazil that was infested with birds?

I guess you could call it a Port-o-Geese.

I was walking through a harbour.....

When a man in a suit with a clipboard told me they were having a sale on boats.

Well obviously. How else would a boat work if it didn't have a sail?

Why can't the gay Jewish sailor stay in any harbour?

Because he can't dock.

My friend asked me which US state was my favourite

I replied "pearl harbour"

He said "pearl harbour isn't a state"

I said "it was when the japs left it"

Harbour joke, My friend asked me which US state was my favourite

How many Super Bowl commercials did David Harbour appear in?


What do you call an empty harbour

An Air-port

[OC] So, did you hear about that harbour in Brazil that's full of birds?

A man was in charge of offloading the...

...grain from the ships at the harbour. Unfortunately the grain was very moist and did not get sucked up by vacuum too easily.

He approached the foreman for some advice, who said: "If at first you don't suck seed, try a drier grain."

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