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My boyfriend's dad told us that back in his day, before required sexual misconduct training...

Harass was two words


So a teacher asks her students to use the word harassment in a sentence. A boy stood up and said, "Ok this is easy. I met a beautiful girl one day and harassment a lot to me"

The problem with Bill Clinton

Is that he never learned harass was one word.

Harass joke, The problem with Bill Clinton

HR pulled me into the office today for a disciplinary.

"We need to talk to you about your inappropriate sexual remarks made to Sarah."

"Why, what level of inappropriateness did she say I done?"


"Yes, it is cute and I would eat my dinner off it. But what level of inappropriateness did she say I done?"

My dad said this at his retirement... he is a former principal

"I remember a time when Harass was two words.

There's only one thing I remember from sexual harassment training.

"Harass" is just one word.

After being harassed by ads about hot singles that are interested in me within 1 mile, I decided to investigate.

There are a lot of hot singles in my area, but none of them are interested in me.

Harass joke, After being harassed by ads about hot singles that are interested in me within 1 mile, I decided to

I miss the good ol days...

When "harass" was two words

Harassment at work

Girl from my cubicle told me she was having trouble with harassment.

I told her I couldn't help her because I've never even heard it talk.

Q: What do small businesses cry when account executives harass them for money?

A: Yelp!

HR: use harassment in a sentence please

Me: I was in a relationship and Her-ass-meant a lot to me

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Work today had a sexual harassment seminar

It was a real let down when I found out they weren't going to teach how to sexually harass.


Teacher : Use harassment in a sentence.
Student : I liked my ex girlfriend a lot.
Harassment a lot to me.


Oh, I thought it was her-ass-(was)-ment to be slapped.

TIFU by getting called into the HR office....

apparently "harass" is not two words.

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