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The main reason why Harambe the Gorilla was shot

It was black

I want to open a Reserve to breed, arm and train West Lowland Gorillas to fight Jihadists.

I'm going to call it Boko Harambe

Muslim officials denounce gorilla warfare

Calling it "absolutely harambe"

Harambe joke, Muslim officials denounce gorilla warfare

Why did Richard leave his home this morning?

For Harambe.

All of us had a good time with those Harambe memes

Now the joke is dead because all of you little kids jumped into it.

There's a new terrorist group targeting gorillas

It's called Boko Harambe

What does IS call the evolutionary theory that humans are descended from the ape family?

Boko Harambe

Harambe joke, What does IS call the evolutionary theory that humans are descended from the ape family?

What do you call it when your Arab parents disaprove of your girlfriend?


Gary Johnson withdraws from the Libertarian Ticket. Replaced by Harambe.

That's right. Johnsons out for Harambe!

Everybody is trying to make Harambe jokes, and they are all really bad...

But I'm going to take a shot at it.

A son asks his mom...

-Mom, why is my cousin named Diamond?

-Because Aunt Carol Loves Diamonds

-What about me?

-Enough questions Harambe

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So Harambe walked into a bar

Bartender: What will you be having to drink?
Harambe: I'll have a beer
Me: No, he'll have just ice.
Bartender: Just ice?
Me: Yes, justice for Harambe

What does Harambe order when he goes to a restaurant?

He gets the kids meal.

Harambe went to a bar

Bartender: What can I get you today?

Harambe: May I get a martini?

Me: Just ice for Harambe.

Harambe: Just ice?

Me: Justice for Harambe.

On the anniversary of Harambe's death...

the Cincinnati Zoo should have special deals all day. Discounts for Harambe.

Found a site for hardcore Harambe Supporters

It's called Omegle, Everyone has their dicks out for Harambe.

Harambe joke, Found a site for hardcore Harambe Supporters

Why did Nightwing go to Cincinnati?

Because Dick's out for Harambe.

How much did Harambe drink in the bar?

Just a couple of shots

Roses are Red, Violets are blue......

who killed harambe?

Cincinnati zoo

How are Harambe memes keeping up?

Cincinnati Zoo keeps trying to shoot them down.

We live in a generation where Gorilla Glass technology protects our phones..

..yet there's nothing that exists that could have saved Harambe.

What's black, jobless, homeless, fatherless, and has no life?


What kind of smartphone would Harambe have?

The brand doesn't matter as long as it has gorilla glass.

A Poem

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Stop memes about Harambe

-Cincinnati Zoo

What do bullets and I have in common?

We don't miss Harambe.


In west Cincinnati I was born and raised on the zoo grounds is where I spent most of my days,Chillin out hangin out acting all cool, eating bananas out by the pool When a mom and her kid, they were up to no good, crawled over the fence into my neighborhood,I got in one little fight and my zoo keeper got scared, heard a gunshot just before I stopped breathing air.......

A bloke walks into a bar with his gorilla and the barman asks "What drink can I get you?"

"Just ice for Harambe"

in your head, in your heaaaaaad

Harambe, Harambe

Harambe walks into a bar

Bartender: What can I get for you?

Harambe: Just ice for Harambe.

Bartender: Sorry, we're out of ice. Best I can give you is a shot.

Harambe Memes died just like Harambe himself...

When the little kids jumped in.

What's the difference between everyone and bullets

Everyone misses Harambe.

Don't know if this is a repost or not, just heard it from a friend.

The zookeeper said he'd tell me where the bathroom is located if I can say the alphabet.

"A B C E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z"

He asks: "where's the D?"

"It's out for Harambe"

I fell asleep at the Cincinnati zoo and fell into the Gorilla pit...

Harambe caught me slippin'

What do you call an army of gorilla soldiers?

Boko Harambe.

It's a good thing Harambe got shot....

Dicks out for dead kids just doesn't sound good

The phrase "Dicks out for Harambe" was a big hit in Thailand.

Because most of the women could join in too.

I feel I can empathise with Harambe a lot

I too have been shot at whilst molesting kids

If I drew a cartoon depicting Mohamed and Harambe dating

It would be Haram-Bae

What's the difference between Harambe and Michael Jackson?

One was shot for playing with little children.

I don't understand why people are so upset about Harambe

I mean, gorillas get shot by white cops all the time.

How are Harambe and the iPhone the same?

it only took one extra hole to kill them both

Trump's last two chances to save his election campaign at the second debate:

1. Be endorsed by Dave.

2. Bring out a resurrected Harambe on stage.

Harambe and Cecil the Lion walk into a bar

Bartender asks, "What'll you have?"

They respond, "Two shots, please."

British gorilla

Just guaranteed a flood of reposts with a change from Harambe to Nigel (or whatever it is).

A man walks into a bar with Harambe

Bartender: What can I get you ?

Harambe: I'll have a beer.

Man: No, he'll have just ice.

Bartender: Just ice?

Man: Yes, justice for Harambe.

How many Harambe memes done an average human make a day?

Gorillif I know

Front page here we come?

Harambe walks into a bar...

"What'll you have?" says the bar tender

"I'll take a shot." said Harambe

What do you call a gorilla that's a member of a terrorist organization?

Boko Harambe

So about Harambe...'s a dead meme.

^^^^I'll ^^^^show ^^^^myself ^^^^out.

Over 11,000 people voted for Harambe

If only he got 59,353,323 more

Harambe memes have lost their popularity since the election...

People's attention moved away from the death of a gorilla to the election of an orangutan!

Why don't Muslims support Harambe?

Because *haram* it would *be*

Q: What do Fidel Castro and Harambe have in common?

A: They're both dead gorillas.

What's the difference between a Stormtrooper and a Zoo Keeper?

The Storm Trooper would have missed harambe

A gorilla walks into a bar.

It gets 2 shots. One is vodka and the other one is a gunshot. Rip Harambe.

A Gorilla walks into a bar....

He takes a shot. His name is Harambe.

a man and harambe walk in to a bar

bartender: what will you fine gentleman have?

harambe: scotch

man: no, you'll have ice

bartender: just ice?

man: yes, justice for harambeο»Ώ

What's the difference between Harambe and Michael Jackson?

Harambe got punished for touching little kids.

What do you call a radical Islamist gorilla group in Nigeria?

Boko Harambe.

Wow! I can't believe it's been almost a year since Harambe died. For the anniversary of his death, Cincinnati Zoo should have a sale.

Discount for Harambe

I told the mods about my idea to start a Harambe mega-thread.

But they shot it down.

A gorilla dies of old age at the zoo.

His name wasn't Harambe.

Why did Harambe get shot?

Because he was doing some monkey business.

Why can't a Muslim date a girl in a Harambe costume?

Because she is a haram bae.

Weinstein, C.K., Lauer...

I think this "Dicks out for Harambe" thing is getting out of hand.

What do you call a Harambe tribute sculpture designed by Roy Moore?

Statuetory Ape

I don't know why people are still talking about Harambe

He's a dead meme

Harambe and I walk into a bar...

Bartender: What will you be having to drink?

Harambe: I'll have a beer.

Me: No, he'll have just ice.

Bartender: Just ice?

Me: Yes, justice for Harambe.

OFF: This is a repost because Harambe was shot today two years ago. Dicks out for Harambe!

What do you call your muslim girlfriend?


🎢When some kid jumps the side of your cage then you died🎢

That's Harambe.

(R.I.P., ting-a-ling-a-ling)

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