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  1. You're coughing all the time and it's hard for you to breath, what happend? It's a lung story
  2. My wife told me that by the time she was back from the store, the dishes sould be clean Then i told her that i would be amazed if she actually managed to make that happend.
  3. My mother-in-law happend to be washing dishes at the same time as me. One might say we were... in sink
  4. I was walking up town and saw two turtles get in a fight. Someone called the cops, and when they showed up they asked the turtles what happened... The turtles said it all happend too fast.
  5. How many children do you have? How many children do you have?
    *I had 3...*
    Oh, I'm so sorry... What happended?
    *Then I got my 4th.*
  6. Publish video button not reacting! Hi, i just made a video on but when i click publish, nothing happends. Does anyone knows, what this could be?
  7. One from my half asleep Girlfriend What happend to the guys who kidnapped Batman?
    They got Bale.

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Happend One Liners

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  1. What happend when the bike ran over a nail? It popped a wheelie.
  2. 3 guys walked into a bar... I was outside, i didn't see what happend...
  3. What happend when Snow White first meet the seven dwarfs? 7Up
  4. What happend when the duck fell upside-down? He quacked up!
  5. What happend when the duck fell upside-down? He quacked up!
  6. What happends when you lose your battle with cancer? Chemover
  7. i was going to roast paul walker But that happend in 2013
  8. What happend to Tommen Baratheon? He made it to kings landing
  9. What happends when you spear a cat? It sticks around.
  10. What happend to the paper shop? It blew away....
    Aha..ha....ill just leave
  11. Was Nicky Minaj born on a highway? Because that's where most accidents happend!

Happend joke, Was Nicky Minaj born on a highway?

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I was on a trip to Dubai, and in my stay, I met a rich man

Over time, we actually became friends, and he told me about this shoes company he owns.
He said:
Each pair of shoes we manufacture costs us about 2$, and we manage to sell them for 250$
What?! this is insane, why is it so expensive, ? I asked
Well I actually tried to make them cheaper for 25$ each

Then what happend?
People stopped buying them

A nurse, who works in the ER, arrives for her shift

she spots a little boy, who is sitting in the hallway, crying his eyes out.
She asks him: "What happend? Can I help you?"
Boy: "My mother just died from a traffic accident."
Nurse: " Iam so sorry, shall I get you a priest?"
Boy: "No, thank you, Iam not in the mood for s**...."

A man walks into a bar

He sat down next to a grumpy looking guy.
He asks: What's the deal? What happend?
The guy replies: It has been a rough time for me, you know. My wife left me and took the house, the car, all my money and the kids, so i just lost my job and my friends don't support me.
The first man says: Thats horrible, there is no way it could get worse, is there?
He answers: There is, she came back

Little Peter

Came in to class one day with burns all over his face.
The teacher asked him what happend.
"Well i bought a crate of fireworks and..."
"There you have it kids, fireworks are a real danger" the teacher interupted
"Thats exactly what my father said as he threw it into the fireplace"

Little Johhny was playing with a bottle in the street

when a priest happend to be walking by and said "what are you doing there sonny"
he said, "im playing with this bottle of sulphuric acid"
The priest, shocked said "don't you realise thats very dangerous!? Here, look. I'll trade you this bottle of Holy water.
Little Johnny said "oh, no way"
The father said "look, its great! just the other day, i rubbed some holy water on this lady's tummy and she passed a beautiful little baby"
Little Johhny said "ahh, thats nuthin. I rubbed some of this on my dogs a**... and he passed a Mercedes"

Happend joke, Little Johhny was playing with a bottle in the street