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I was on a trip to Dubai, and in my stay, I met a rich man

Over time, we actually became friends, and he told me about this shoes company he owns.
He said:

Each pair of shoes we manufacture costs us about 2$, and we manage to sell them for 250$

What?! this is insane, why is it so expensive, ? I asked

Well I actually tried to make them cheaper for 25$ each

Then what happend?

People stopped buying them

A nurse, who works in the ER, arrives for her shift

she spots a little boy, who is sitting in the hallway, crying his eyes out.
She asks him: "What happend? Can I help you?"
Boy: "My mother just died from a traffic accident."
Nurse: " Iam so sorry, shall I get you a priest?"
Boy: "No, thank you, Iam not in the mood for sex."

You're coughing all the time and it's hard for you to breath, what happend?

It's a lung story

What happend when the bike ran over a nail?

It popped a wheelie.

My wife told me that by the time she was back from the store, the dishes sould be clean

Then i told her that i would be amazed if she actually managed to make that happend.

My mother-in-law happend to be washing dishes at the same time as me.

One might say we were... in sink

3 guys walked into a bar...

I was outside, i didn't see what happend...

Happend joke, 3 guys walked into a bar...

A man walks into a bar

He sat down next to a grumpy looking guy.

He asks: What's the deal? What happend?

The guy replies: It has been a rough time for me, you know. My wife left me and took the house, the car, all my money and the kids, so i just lost my job and my friends don't support me.

The first man says: Thats horrible, there is no way it could get worse, is there?

He answers: There is, she came back

Little Peter

Came in to class one day with burns all over his face.
The teacher asked him what happend.
"Well i bought a crate of fireworks and..."

"There you have it kids, fireworks are a real danger" the teacher interupted
"Thats exactly what my father said as he threw it into the fireplace"

What happend when Snow White first meet the seven dwarfs?


I was walking up town and saw two turtles get in a fight.

Someone called the cops, and when they showed up they asked the turtles what happened... The turtles said it all happend too fast.

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One from my half asleep Girlfriend

What happend to the guys who kidnapped Batman?

They got Bale.

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