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What kind of tree would Hanna Montana be?

A 'Miley Cyprus'.

Dear god, shoot me.

Hannah Montana DVD: $15, Tub of vaseline: $3, XL box of tissues: $2, Look of disgust from the cashier:Priceless.

Hannah and Max are talking during recess...

Max finds Hannah really pretty. Thinking he's old enough for a girlfriend, he decides to try to flirt with Hannah.

"I just remembered, I had a dream about you last night!", Max did not, in fact, have a dream about Hannah last night.

"Oh, really? Was it a nice dream?", says Hannah, clearly flattered. Max starts to panic.

"Uh, I can't remember, I slept through it!"

Hannah Baker's short hair is horrendous.

I thought her hair stylist would be the thirteenth reason why.

Hannah backwards is still Hannah...

But Hannah sideways is how she got pregnant.

What's Hannah Baker's favorite weapon from Fortnite?

the Scar

Apparently 1 in 7 people in the world are Chinese.

That means it's either me, my mum, dad, brother Steve, brother Craig, sister hanna, or brother huangxi.

I suspect Craig.

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