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Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey all decide to make a movie

Tom hanks says "I'll produce it"

Leonardo DiCaprio says "I'll direct it"

Matthew McConaughey says "I'll write I'll write I'll write"

I saw Tom Hanks today so I asked him for his autograph.

He just wrote Thanks.

What did Tom hanks do in the woods?

He took a forrest dump.

Hanks joke, What did Tom hanks do in the woods?

Can anyone tell me who played forest grump in the movie?

T. hanks

Who's the most canadian actor?

T. Hanks

In "Captain Sully", technically speaking, Tom Hanks did not fly a plane on to the Hudson River

That was falling with style

Whats Tom Hanks Without Resistance?


Hanks joke, Whats Tom Hanks Without Resistance?

Some actors were planning to make a movie on famous composers

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks were all making a movie about famous composers. Leo said, "I'd like to play Beethoven." Tom said, "I'd like to play Mozart." Arnie said "I'll be Bach"

Tom Hanks is extremely polite...

In fact, every time someone asks him for an autograph, he's the one that ends up saying "T.Hanks"

Meeting Tom Hanks made my whole day ... [NSFW]

meeting Kevin Spacey made my hole weak.

I'll see myself out ...

Disclaimer: I met none.

Authorities discover that Tom Hanks has killed thousands of people

with kindness

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The anniversary of Sully's heroic landing reminds us: You know you've succeeded in life if they cast Tom Hanks to play you in a movie...

Either that or you're just a really lucky idiot.

Middle America likes their gay people in movies like Tom Hanks in Philadelphia or Jake Gyllenhaal....

Strong, intelligent articulate and dead within an hour and 20 mins.

Jerrod Carmichael

Rumor has it Tom Hanks just signed a deal to star in a sequel to one of his greatest 80s blockbusters.

Big, if true.

Bob Ross, Mr. Rogers, and Tom Hanks walk into a bar...

There were elections in the United States.

Tom Hanks went to cast his vote. As soon as he came out of the polling booth after doing so, everyone started applauding. Why?

It was a vote of T. Hanks.

Hanks joke, There were elections in the United States.

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