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SCUBA is an acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, but did you know TUBA is also an acronym? Yeah really. It stands for Terrible Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

Compliments of Hank Green

Hank Hill got a job working in a BDSM store.

He sells pro-pain and pro-pain accessories.

In Tribute

Boy: I'll bet you a dollar my dog can talk

Man: you're on

Boy: how does sandpaper feel?

Dog: Ruff!

Boy: what's on top of a house?

Dog: Roof!

Boy: who's the greatest ballplayer ever?

Dog: Ruth!

Man: come on! I ain't payin' for that, get out of here!

* Boy and dog walk away *

Dog to boy: should I have said Hank Aaron?

Hank joke, In Tribute

A husband is admitted to the hospital...

He has fallen very ill and his future is unsure. He says to his wife, "honey, if I die, I think you should marry Hank from down the street."

"Hank?" the wife questions, "I thought you hated him?"

With his last breath the husband replies "I do"

On a bitter cold day, Hank visited Lou

"I had a rough time getting here", said Hank, "for every step forward forward I slid back two!"

"But if you slid back two steps for every step you took forward, how'd you get here?", asked Lou.

"I almost didn't, but then I said to myself 'forget it', and turned around and started back home"

Bob didn't believe that Fred's dog could talk

So Fred asked his dog, What's on top of a house?

Roof, the dog barked.

Bob wasn't convinced. So Fred asked the dog how sandpaper feels.


He still wasn't convinced.

O.K., who was the greatest baseball player of all time? Fred asked the dog.


With that, Bob walked away, shaking his head in disbelief. The dog turned to Fred and asked: Was it Hank Aaron?

How are teenaged boys like the enzyme helicase?

They both want to unzip your genes!

credit goes to Hank from CrashCourse on Youtube :)

Hank joke, How are teenaged boys like the enzyme helicase?

What do you get when you cross Hank Hill with Bob Ross?

A Pro-painter.

Why did Hank Hill join an S&M club?

He heard they were Pro-Pain.

Hank Hill has opened up a BDSM store and sex parlour selling

Pro-pain and pro-pain accessories

I'm like Hank Hill when I'm in an argument.

Stern, no nonsense, and my urethra narrows.

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Hank Hill should become a wrestler.

He's all about pro-pain.

A magic show...

Two friends, Bob and Hank, are watching a magician perform. Mildly amused by the standard tricks and illusions they have seen so far, their attention perks up when they see the beautiful assistant come out from behind the curtain for the saw the lady in half trick. As she is climbing into the box, Bob leans over and whispers, That's some hot broad. I'd ask her out, wouldn't you?

Nah, Hank says, I'd probably get the half that eats.

How many rocks did Hank Schrader have in his collection by the end of Breaking Bad?

None, they were all minerals.

What does a teenage boy have in common with the enzyme helicase?

They both want to unzip your genes.

^Credit ^to ^Hank ^Green

How would you describe Hank Hill if he was actually a window salesman?


Hank joke, How would you describe Hank Hill if he was actually a window salesman?

Hank Hill works at an S&M sex shop

And he sells pro-pain accessories.

Hank Hill is into BDSM

because he is Pro-pain.

Why did Hank Hill like UFC?

Because he was pro pain

I was listening to Hank Williams earlier and thought about what a sad song "Tear in my Beer" was.

A grown man doesn't cry very often, especially in his beer. I mean, I did once.. in a Blue Moon.

I don't understand how people don't like country music? I mean have they ever heard of the greats? Like...

Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams Jr, or Texas in July???

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