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Top 10 of the Funniest Hangout Jokes and Puns

Why do thieves prefer to steal Android phones over iPhones?

Because they like to Hangout and not FaceTime.

I added Paul Walker as a friend on Xbox live

But all he ever does is hangout on the dashboard.

SEO Expert walks into a bar...

An SEO expert walks into a bar, bars, beer garden, hangout, lounge, night club, mini bar, tavern, pub, beer, wine, whiskey...

Hangout joke, SEO Expert walks into a bar...

Chemistry joke

Proton and neutron were chilling in the nucleus one day, then proton asks neutron: Why you only hangout with me in here instead of electron?

Neutron replies: He was too negative to begin with.

Joe went over to his buddy Bob's house to hang-out and watch football ...

As they were sitting in the living room, Bob's dog walked into the room, laid down on the floor, and began to lick its nuts. Joe looked down at the dog and said "Man, I wish I could do that." To which Bob replied, "Don't you think you ought to at least pet him first."

Do you know why I hate being in a public washroom?

Because its where all of the dicks hangout.

Anybody out there interested in having occasional platonic hangout sessions?

Asking for a friend.

Hangout joke, Anybody out there interested in having occasional platonic hangout sessions?

Why does Thor like to hangout with his sister?

Because they have a Hela good time.

Why was Google's hangout in a dark, smelly cavern?

Because it was the G-Spot!

Wanted to hangout with other skateboarders, so I downloaded an app called grinder....

Turns out it's for rollerbladers.

Where is the best place to stream a suicide ?

On Google HANGout.

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