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  1. The hangman asked me if I had any last words... I told him, "My neck is really killing me today!"
  2. What did the condemned prisoner say when he was informed that the hangman forgot the rope? No noose is good noose.
  3. When I play hangman, I always stop after my first wrong letter I like to quit while Im ahead.
  4. What did the Hangman say to his victim when he couldn't find his rope? I guess no noose is good noose?
  5. A joke about a hangman's noose... You probably thought it's knot funny, but there's a twist at the end.
  6. A hangman who usually gets lots of work phone calls, didn't get any today... I guess no noose is good noose.
  7. The privileged hangman is a sophisticated fellow. He can read, write and has a permission to execute.
  8. Bars should be giving out a free drink today in honor of Anthony Bourdain... Call it the hangman
  9. How did the k**... member guess the name of his daughter's new black boyfriend? They played hangman.

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Hangman One Liners

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  1. Why do we use black pens on white paper? So hangman is more realistic.
  2. What was Jesus favorite games? Hangman and lacrosse
  3. What did the Mexican hangman serve his victims as a last meal? Pico de Gallows
  4. Did you hear about the factory run by a hangman? All work has been suspended.
  5. Whats a great game on paper, but awful in real life? Hangman
  6. What is Logan Paul's favorite game? Hangman.
  7. Wheel of Fortune is just like hangman With a twist
  8. Here's my best tip for being awesome at hangman. _ _ _ K _ V_ _ _ _ N _ _ N _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  9. When Chuck Norris plays hangman, he decides what the word is.
  10. What do you call a game starring Aaron Hernadez Hangman
  11. What was Robin Williams' favorite chalkboard game? Hangman.
  12. What is a k**... member's favorite game? Hangman

Hangman joke, What is a k**... member's favorite game?

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A man murdered his wife and was sentenced to death.

There was a crowd waiting around the gallows to watch. As the hangman put the noose around his neck, he was asked, Do you have any last words?
The m**... said, Yeah, I have a joke that I came up with while I was waiting.
So, I hadn't showered for a week by the day I killed my wife. I tied her up and told her that I'd cut her apart while she was still alive, and she told me, 'At least cut my nose off first.'
Everyone there burst out laughing. The hangman said, That joke was about something terrible! Why was it so funny?
Well, I believe you can make a joke about any topic funny, said the m**.... After all, good comedy is all about execution.

Hangman joke, What is Logan Paul's favorite game?