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Today at the zoo I was let into the Lion enclosure

I said to the lion handler Why do I do if the lion tries to attack me?
He replied Don't be afraid it's very simple, if the lion charges you, reach behind your back, grab a pile of s**... off the ground and throw it in the lions face
I said to him But what if I reach behind me and there is no pile of s**... on the ground?
To which the lion handler said Don't worry it'll be there

I hired a specialist aviation lawyer to deal with a dispute I had with an airport baggage handler.

He lost my case.

An airplane joke

The pilot comes on the speaker
Pilot: "Now that we are in the air I figured I'd lighten it up with a joke. Knock knock"
Passengers "Whose there?"
Pilot: "Superman"
Passengers: "Superman who?"
Pilot: "You're at forty thousand feet, it's either me, or a really unlucky baggage handler, now open up"

Why did the man get a job as a horse handler?

He wanted stable employment

What do you call a pilot's therapist?

A baggage handler.

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