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Funny Handkerchief Jokes and Puns

A man goes into the bathroom to take a dump.

When he's done, he realizes there's no toilet paper. Knocking on the stall next to him, he asks, "Hey, do have an extra roll of toilet paper?"
"I'm sorry, but I do not."
He knocks again. "Do you have a newspaper?"
"I'm sorry, but I do not."
He knocks again. "Do you have an old handkerchief?"
"I'm sorry, but I do not."
He knocks again. "Do you have change for a five?"

Got this one from my grandpa.

So a magician on a cruise night has a show every night...


Today I saw a dead baby ghost...

Upon reflection, it might have been a handkerchief.

Handkerchief joke, Today I saw a dead baby ghost...

How do you make a handkerchief dance?

You put a little boogie in it!

Was walking with my friend when an eyelash got in my eye and he offered me his handkerchief

Told him bro that would be so uneyegeinic

How does a handkerchief differ from golf?

If you get a hole in one you might end up with a bogey.

I've gotten 100000+ girls in bed with this line.

Does my handkerchief smell like chloroform?

Handkerchief joke, I've gotten 100000+ girls in bed with this line.

Raise your hand if you're wearing underwears or panties with holes in them...

For those smug individuals that did not raise their hand, I'm curious how you inserted your legs in them if they have no holes? Unless you're wrapping a handkerchief.

I was walking along the road the other day when I saw a dead, baby ghost...

...however if I think about it it was probably a handkerchief

My Grandmother dropped her handkerchief in front of a solider on main street; Four weeks later they were married.

And that guy was banging her long before my grandfather joined the picture

Dave went to an optician and said, "I think I need new glasses, these are blurry."

The optician replied, "If you're going to clean them with your handkerchief, do it before you blow your nose."

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I was walking along the other day...

I was walking along the other day, and on the road I saw a small, dead, baby ghost. Although thinking about it, it might have been a handkerchief.

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