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Why did Princess Leia date so many guys before she found Han?

She was looking for love in Alderaan places.

Why didn't Han Solo enjoy his steak dinner?

It was Chewie.

Yodas Logic

Han Solo: Yoda are we going the right way?

Yoda: Offcourse we are

The Millenium Falcon is taking off...

Han Solo asks C3PO to give him a countdown, and C3PO says..


Han interrupts him and asks what the heck he's doing.

C3 says "You told me to never tell you the odds"

What's Han Solo's favorite type of video game?

First person shooter.

Kylo Ren: I've always hated being an only child

Han: You're not an only child. You're a Solo child.

Han Solo's diet mainly consists of protein and fat...

But he allows himself one carb a night.

Who plays Han Solo in the Norwegian version of Star Wars?

Harrison Fjord!

My sex life is just like star wars:

Its either Han Solo,

or i have to use the force.

Why was Leia disappointed on her wedding night?

Han shot first.

There were 3 Chinese men...

Han, Chan and Fan were planning on migrating to the USA.

They all wanted to assimilate as quickly as possible, so they decided to adopt more traditional American sounding names.

Han decided that he would be Huck.

Chan decided that he would be Chuck.

And Fan...well Fan decided that he`d stay in China.

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Han Solo ordered a steak in the shape of a Wookie.

He sent it back to the kitchen because it was a little chewy.

Why did Han Solo call Chewbacca a noob?

He made a Wookiee mistake

What was wrong with Han Solo's "Hanburgers"?

They were really Chewie!

Han and Leia never planned on having a baby. They decided their form of birth control would be the pull-out method.

But Han shot first.

What did Luke say to Han and Leia when they split up?

May divorce be with you.

How does Han Solo like his is Tauntaun steaks?

Chewie and Luke-warm

Did you hear Han Solo will be running next years London Marathon?

He says he reckons he'll be able to finish in less than 26 miles

What Star Wars character would be best at limbo?

Han So Low

Harrison Ford just turned up at my AA group.

I've never seen Han so low.

Ill be spending this Valentines day like Han.


What's with this "Han shot first" nonsense?

Its pretty obvious the camera shot both of them first

Han Solo didn't like his steak…

… because it was Chewy.

Why did Princess Leia refuse a threesome ?

Because she preferred Han SOLO.

I just saw a Chinese magic show

The magician was named Fu Ling Yu and his female assistance was called Han Mi Dat. Great stuff.

Why did Han Solo become a vegetarian?

Because the last steak he ate was really Chewy.

Why did Han go out Black Friday shopping.?

... because the prices were Solo

What did Han Solo's last name change too after he married Leia?

Han Duet.

In a way, Han Solo was a bit like a modern Icarus.

They both got too close to the son.

What happened to Han when Chewie wouldn't do the marathon?

He Ran Solo...

Who is Han Solo's favorite rapper?


Did you hear about the time chewie broke the light speed on the falcon?

Han said, "Don't worry, it was a wookie mistake."

Did you know Han Solo had an employment agency?

Han Jobs

Who played Han Solo in the Norwegian dub of Star Wars?

Harrisen Fjord

What song does Han Solo play when he flies away from Cloud City?


I like my girls like Han from Star Wars

with a hairy Wookie.

What did Han Solo say to Princess Leia towards the end of their first date?

You're all clear, kid, now let's *blow* this thing and go home!

What did Han Solo say to the Keebler elf who complained he couldn't understand Chewbacca?

Sorry friend, that's the way the Wookiee mumbles.

Luke chided Han for blaming Chewbacca when everyone got caught in the tree net on the forest moon of Endor.

But let's be honest: it *was* a Wookie mistake.

Why was Han yelling at Chewbacca on their first day on the Millenium Falcon?

Because Chewie was making too many wookie mistakes!

Young Han Solo never bought his own ship...

He just rented a Millennial Falcon.

What did they say the first time a Chinese airplane flew?

Did you hear about the Han Solo?

Why did Han Solo get an 'F' in Statistics class?

Because he kept telling the teacher, "Never tell me the odds!"

What did the skywalkers lose

Anakin lost Hands
Luke lost Hand
Leia lost Han

Now that Han is dead, Chewbacca

is flying the Millennium Falcon solo.

What happens when Nurgle has an affection for Han Solo?

Nurgle would try to Wuhan....

I haven't seen the new starwars film yet.

After the Last Jedi I'm afraid it might be just Han So-so.

What do you call a terrible performance of Han Solo: The Musical?

A rebel without applause.

What's the difference between a police officer and Han Solo?

>!There's a debate as to whether Han shot first.!<

My friend said no terrible puns could console him after seeing Han Solo get frozen in carbonite. 'Relax,' I told him,

'Harrison thawed'.

Han solo wanted to start a video-game party with his friends

He had no Lando

What's a car company's favorite star wars character?

Han duh.

If Anakin lost a limb in II and Luke lost a limb in V, then in VIII

Rey WILL NOT lose a limb, because she already lost a Han.

I like my sex like I like my Star Wars characters.

...Han solo.

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