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A lesbian couple asked me to help them conceive a baby

So I told them, "Well, imagine an adult, but smaller, mostly hairless, and it shits itself a lot."

Why was the Christian hairless?

They were shaving themselves till marriage.

How do we know the moon is hairless?

The moon spends half the month waxing!

I like my women like I like my Scotch.

At least 18, hairless, and goes down easy.

There is one great thing about cancer

It does a fantastic job of getting rid of those weird hairless kids.

TIL that excessive consumption of raw egg white can cause brittle hair, rashes, fungal infection, and anemia...

I then imagined the hairless, hideous, and weak beast Gaston should have looked like.

What do you call a bald girl whose bunny and parents just died?

A hairless hareless heiress.

Doctor, doctor, there's a hairless military strategist on my head!

Ah yes, looks like male Patton baldness.

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