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A man tells his wife before he goes to bed, "I'm gonna go get your aspirin"

The wife says, "Aspirin? I don't have a headache."
"Ah, HAH!!" The man exclaimed

Two friends are arguing...

"Look, I have a colony of ants!"

"Well, I have taller ants than you"

"Oh, well I have a tube of glue"

"Hah, I have an entire tin"

"I got bread!"

"Argh, you win! I can't handle that bread with my glue tin 'n' taller ants"

A whale and a wave make a bet. (Just made this up.)

The whale says to the wave, "I bet I could beat in a race to land." The wave agrees, so the whale takes off. He swims so fast, he drives himself ashore. The wave following behind him says " Hah! Beached ya!"

The man at the circus.

A man is going to the circus to look for work. The man finds the manager in his caravan and asks him if he could get a job at the circus.

Oh, so you're looking to join the circus then? Tell me, what can you do?

I can mimic a bird, the man says proudly.

Hah, scoffs the manager, every single person at this circus can mimic a bird, even the slow stable boy, that's not anything we'd want here at this circus.

Oh well, says the man and flew out the window.

A blonde was walking down the street carrying a bag..

When another blonde rounds a corner and runs into her.
"My apologies! But what is in the bag, may I ask?"
"Oh, just carrying home some chickens for dinner for me and my husband!"
"If I guess how many chickens are in there, may I have one?"
"Hah ! If you can guess how many chickens I have in my bag, you can have *both* of them!" chuckles the blonde

"Umm.. seven?"

h**... your wife without consequences.

Hah. Made you look.

You think you can escape Stalin's prison camps?

Hah, gulag with that.

"Now little ones, where do children go when they do bad things...?", Mrs Mary asked.

"I know! I know!", Little Johnny said with vigour, " they go behind the bushes in the playground!"

"Please little Johnny, mind what you say"

"Oh its true Mrs Mary!", voiced Susan enthusiastically, "T.J took me there and showed me his w**...."

The teacher gasped in horror as T.J smiled mischievously.

"Oh, it was like a peanut it was!"

"Hah, so it was tiny?", the teacher relieved, asked.

"No, salty!"

An American and a German architect...

... bet who can build a skyscraper in the least amount of time. After a month the American mails the German: "Only 10 days and I'll be finished."
The German writes back: "Hah, that's nothing. Only 10 forms left and I am allowed to start."

What do you call a horse that was average in school?

A *C horse*


Here is a toxic thought

Chernobyl, HAH.

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A 30 year old is talking to a 10 year old, who is playing on a computer.

"hey, is that windows?"


"what version?"

"windows 10"

"10? hah! back in the day, we had numbers as high as 95!"

I asked an Israeli girl out today.

"Hah! Jewish I'd go out with you" she said.


What do you call it when a Mexican digs their feet under the sand?

Bury-toes. Hah hah

Hah im just kidding, laugh my nose off


Pliz rowst mii

What did the black couple say when Noah rejected them at his ark?

"Whoa oh ah hah ah ah ah huh."

Do you wanna play wimmad?

Do you wanna play wimmadick. Hah goteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem

The cat wins in a dog show!!!


An Irishman walks into a job interview

Hah! I crack myself up!

How much money do i need to give you for you to eat meat?

Vegetarian: "umm idk, 100k?"

Me: "HAH! So you do want to eat meat!"

If you *think* you're pessimistic...

Everyone *probably* hates you! Hah

My girlfriend asked me where the muffins are...

So I told her "they're muffin around!" Hah! Actually they were behind the carrots.

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