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China won bronze in gymnastics at the Sydney 2000 Olympics but were stripped of the medal after it was revealed that Dong Fangxiao was under the minimum age of 16

And they would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those medalling kids.

I was at the bank going to withdraw money from my account when the clerk told me I had an outstanding balance

I told her thank you I did gymnastics as a kid.

Watching gymnastics

*gymnast does a double-triple-super-ultra-backflip-frontflip but takes a tiny step when she lands*

Me : *mouthful of pringles* what a loser

I failed the high jump in gymnastics class today...

Ever since then the bar was lowered

I went to Franco-German gymnastics the other day.

Sometimes we had to raise one arm, sometimes both.

Women can do anything men can do.

But often times it's just a little uneven.*

*yes this a gymnastics/ parallel bars joke. Too niche?

[Politics] Is mental gymnastics an Olympic Sport?

If it is, Sean Spicer could take home the gold, silver and bronze for the US.

Gymnastics joke, [Politics] Is mental gymnastics an Olympic Sport?

It's impossible to beat God in gymnastics.

He always wins the all-around.

What's a politician's favorite sport?

Mental gymnastics.

Gymnastics Teacher Needed To Work Sat-Wed.

Must be flexible.

I tried to join a gymnastics class, once.

I had to bend over backwards just to get in.

Thank you to the dad I overheard telling his daughter this on public transport... a genuine dad joke.

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What's the hardest event in women's gymnastics?

The doctor's appointments

Gymnastics instructor required!

Flexible hours

Before I signed up for gymnastics practice, they asked me how flexible I was

I said I can't make Tuesdays

A professor helped me get the school to accept gymnastics as an elective

She bent over backwards to make it happen

It takes a lot of mental gymnastics

To consider chess as a sport

Gymnastics joke, It takes a lot of mental gymnastics

The teller at my bank told me that I have an outstanding balance

I said "thanks, I did gymnastics as a kid"

Why is the Japanese gymnastics training center so uncomfortable?

There's always a little nip in the air.

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