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How many germans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

We are very effective and don´t have a great sense of humor.

Guten Tag!

What do you call a German virgin?

Guten Tight.

My friend died during his trip in Germany

Apparently he had an undiagnosed Guten allergy.

Guten joke, My friend died during his trip in Germany

Finally found those German torque specs

It calls for everything to be Guten Tite

Germany has banned the word good

Apparently they're going Guten free.

How does a German Shepherd greet you?

Guten dog!

What do you call a German with no good inside?

Guten free.

Guten joke, What do you call a German with no good inside?

What do you call someone with no German ancestry?

Guten free.

Did you hear about the German man who was up to no good?

I heard he has a severe guten allergy.

What do you call a German handjob?

A guten tug!

What do Germans call virgins?

Guten tight.

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What did one German child say to another?

Guten Tag you're it

What do German kids play on the playground?

Guten tag!

Why was "Morgen" the only spoken part of a greeting?

It was "Guten" free

How do you greet a German Shepherd in their native language?

Guten Dog!

How do HTML elements greet each other?

Guten Tag!

Guten joke, How do HTML elements greet each other?

How do you say virgin in German?

Guten tight

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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