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Funny Gurl Jokes and Puns

Hey gurl are you an integral?

Because I'd gladly replace my x with u.

Gurl, if I could rearrange the alphabet

I would make the first twelve letters be E,T,A,O,I,N,S,H,R,D,L and U. Those being the approximate order of the most frequently appearing letters in the English alphabet.

Yo gurl is your dad in prison?

'cause if I was your dad I'd be in prison.

Gurl joke, Yo gurl is your dad in prison?

Ey gurl, are you a TSA agent?

Because I've got an unattended package I think you should investigate.

Hay gurl

are you a gorilla enclosure? Cause' I wanna drop a kid in you.

Ayy gurl, are you communist?

'cause you're making me Sowet.

Daam gurl r you a Christmas tree?

'Cause you never leave.

And you smell.

Gurl joke, Daam gurl r you a Christmas tree?

Hey gurl, are you an inaccurate answer?

Because that is one-significant-figure

Pickup line from my severely allergic friend.

Hey gurl, are you a peanut? Because I'm very perturbed by the sight of you and the smell of you in this room is making me very ill, either you have to go or me.

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