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When little Johnny was about 3 he got curious and stuck his hand in a mannequin's pants.

His is mom said, No little Johnny there is teeth in there that will bite off your hand.

Years later he was 15 and he had a girlfriend, and they were making out and she said, Why don't you ever stick your hand in my pants?

Johnny said, Oh my mom says there' s teeth that will bite off my hand in there.

She said, No there isn't just look

Little Johnny looks and says, Well no wonder there isn't any teeth by the way them gums look.

I walked up to a girl and said, "Skittles, Starburst, Jelly Babies, Haribo, Wine Gums."

"Erm...what?" she asked.

I said, "I'm trying to sweet-talk you into dating me."

My dentist took a look in my mouth and said, "Your gums look awful. I told you to floss religiously."

I do, I said, I floss on Christmas and Easter.

My dentist has the inside of his whole building covered in posters of teeth, gums, toothbrushes etc.

God was i relieved to see that its not industry standard when I took my wife to the gynaecologist...

Christmas Day accident

Grandpa woke up unusually early yesterday to celebrate Christmas with the family. He was half asleep still when went to the restroom to brush his teeth. In the early morning brain fog, he accidentally got his Polident mixed up with his Preparation H.

His gums aren't itching, but now, he can't get his underwear off!

Just been reading how more people die from choking on sweets' packaging than the sweets themselves.

Gums don't kill people, wrappers do.

I used to think it was no big deal that my gums bled whenever I flossed, but I talked to my dentist about it and she said that it can actually be a bad sign.

So now I never floss.

Gums joke, I used to think it was no big deal that my gums bled whenever I flossed, but I talked to my dentist

I recently switched over to cinnamon flavored toothpaste

so when I do brush my teeth, I can't tell how much my gums are bleeding.

How do you get Sarah Jessica Parker to say her lines on set?

Rub some peanut butter on her gums.

Why do all Fortnite players have healthy gums?

Because they floss regularly.

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