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What are some Guitars jokes?

A woman is accused of attacking her husband with several of his guitars

The Judge asked "First time offender?"

She replied, "No, first time a Gibson, then a Fender."

For you guitarists out there...

After going through a brutal divorce, a woman decides to get revenge. She goes to get ex's house, and proceeds to destroy each and every one of his guitars. When she gets to court, the judge asks her;

"First offender?"

She replies; "No. First a Gibson, then a Fender."

A woman is in court..

A woman is in court charged with beating her husband to death with his guitars.
As she stands there, the judge is looking over her offences and asks;

First offender?

The woman replies 'No, first a Gibson then a Fender'.

A woman stood in court accused of attacking her musician husband with his own guitars.

The judge looked down from his elevated position and asked "First Offender?"

The accused replied "No your honour, first a Gibson then a Fender".

Did you hear about the guy who got caught stealing electric guitars?

He was a Clapton maniac.

A woman was accused of attacking her husband

A woman was accused of attacking her husband with several guitars. When she got in front of the judge he asked, "first offender?"
She replied, "No. First a Gibson, second a Fender."

A local music shop is giving away free guitars!

No strings attached!

How are women and bass guitars similar.

It's a good idea to trim your nails before fingering them.

A woman is accused of beating her husband with his guitars.

During the arrest, the cop says, "first offender?"

The woman says "Nope, Gibson"

I like to de-stress by listening to U2 and pretending there's no guitars.

I find it really takes the edge off.

What do women and bass guitars have in common?

You have to slap them for people to think you're a good player

I have a chronic fear of guitars.

They have too many frets.

Not to Brag:

Not to brag, but I own the world's largest collection of air guitars.

I love my guitar collection....

but one of the guitars is a bit different from the rest, I think he's a bit acoustic.

My friend had all of his guitars stolen, and he's real sad about it.

Can't even play the blues anymore.

How are fish and guitars similar.

You can tuna fish and you can tuna guitar.

Why were the Maple Leafs strumming guitars and singing sombrely on the ice?

They were playing the Blues

What do you call a search for small guitars?

Uke hunt!

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