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  1. A friend gave me a free guitar the other day, but I've been having trouble playing it I guess I can't complain though, it's not often someone just gives you something with no strings attached
  2. For sale: Guitar
    £5 for the lot
    Genuine reason for sale
    No strings attached
  3. "Tell me what you want." I whispered, as I slid my finger up and down her G string… She said, "I want my guitar back."
  4. What did the guitar at the music store say to the customer browsing through their selection of stringed instruments? "Pick Me!! Pick Me!!!!!"
  5. A guitar player was panicking because he couldn't play his open strings His instructor told him don't fret
  6. What's the difference between Netflix and a Bass guitar? Netflix has stranger things 4 and a Bass guitar has 4 Strange Strings.
  7. Walking down the street today someone handed me a free air guitar... No strings attached...
  8. I got a pretty sweet deal at a music shop for a vintage guitar Should've known it came with strings attached
  9. I once met a very misfortunate polyamorous musician He was in a no strings attached relationship with his guitar.
  10. What's the difference between my guitar and my girlfriend? My guitar doesn't yell at me when I snap it's g-string

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Guitar Strings One Liners

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  1. A little guitar humor I broke a g-string trying to finger A minor
  2. I always thought about playing the guitar But there were just too many strings attached
  3. I'm selling a guitar for £5 No strings attached.
  4. What does a stripper and a guitar have in common? The G-String is always going off.
  5. Just bought a guitar. The sale felt a little dodgy, lots of strings attached.
  6. What do you call a prejudiced 4 stringed guitar player? A racist bassist
  7. Why are guys always looking at girl guitar players? They're checking out their G-Strings
  8. A local music shop is giving away free guitars! No strings attached!
  9. To give away - One broken guitar... No strings attached.
  10. Why did I give a stranger my broken guitar? There were no strings attached
  11. My mate sold me a guitar for £5... No strings attached
  12. I'm bisexual and I play bass and electric guitar I suppose I string both ways
  13. We should hang people with guitar strings Then they could go out on a high note
  14. Offer: free guitar No strings attached
  15. Which is the sexiest guitar string? The G string.

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A guy walks into a store and says...

A guy walks into a store and says, Excuse me, I'd like to buy a guitar pick and some strings.
The clerk looks at him uncomprehendingly. Pardon?
I'd like a guitar pick, please, and some strings.
The clerk thinks for a moment and says, You're a drummer, aren't you?
Yeah! How did you know?
This is a travel agency.

My friend broke a string playing the guitar. I told him...

...don't fret it.

The musical doctor

Man: Doctor Doctor I need a cure for my depression.
Doctor: Music is great therapy, here, I'll loan you my old guitar, it's broken but you should get some use out of it.
Man: Hang on, why would you lend me your guitar just like that? Is there some sort of hidden clause in this?
Doctor: Don't worry, there's no strings attached.
ba dum tss.

I just received a discount offer for a brand new guitar...

... no strings attached!

Guitar for sale

No strings attached

Why did Sally the stripper stop dating the guitar player?

He kept trying to tune her G string.

Today I broke a G string while f**... A minor

d**..., playing guitar is hard!

What does a l**... store and a guitar store have in common?

They both sell G-strings

How did the guitar player bust the G string?

He was f**... A Minor.

A man returns to the music shop with his new guitar

He goes up to the manager and complains "How could you sell this to me?"
The manager responds "What's the problem? We sold you a guitar, no strings attached!"

Decided to use guitar strings in my w**... eater...

But now my yard seems a little flat.

My friend gave me his favorite guitar as a gift.

Couldn't play it though, there were no strings attached.

My mom walked in on me as I snapped my g-string.

Guess it was time to change out the strings on my guitar anyway

I'm going to hang myself with a guitar string...

So I can end it on a high note.

A guy gave me a guitar for free

No strings attached!

What's the difference between a baby and a guitar?

My guitar doesn't turn blue when I string up it's neck.

The sign on the music shop read "Get Your Free Guitar Now! No Terms and Conditions applied".

Bob quickly got hold of one of them and unpacked the package. He was surprised to see that the guitar lacked strings.
I guess you could say:
"There were no strings attached."


The only time you can break a g string while f**... a minor without getting arrested.

I've just been fired from my job at the guitar store for s**... misconduct.

I was spending all day fiddling with G-strings.

Which is the hottest guitar string?

The G string.

Why are strippers always shopping for g-strings?

Because they play their guitars too hard!

I broke a G string f**... A minor...

Does anybody know a good guitar repair shop?

I bought a guitar the other day. The guy selling it to me have me a great deal. Do you know why?

There were no strings attached.

You're worried that you're a guitar player who can't play open strings.

Don't fret.

A teenager gets a bass guitar and a month of lessons for his birthday

After he comes home from his first lesson, his mother asks:
What did you learn in your first lesson?
I learned all the notes on the E string!
The next week he comes home and mom asks:
What did you learn this week?
I learned all the notes on the A string!
After the third week the son returns home rather late and his mother asks again:
What did you learn this week?
I couldn't make it, I had a gig

Your new tinder bio

I only know how to play a little bit on the guitar, but I definitely know my way around a G-string

For son's birthday, Dad buys him a bass guitar...

...and pays for 5 lessons.
After the first lesson, the boy gets home and Dad asks "What did you learn today?"
"I learned the first 5 notes on the E string." the son says proudly.
After the second lesson, the dad asks "What did you learn this time?"
"I learned the first 5 notes on the A string." the boy says.
After the third lesson, the Dad waits at home for what seems like hours. Around 2am, the son finally comes home, smelling of whiskey and cigarettes.
"Where the h**... have you been?" Dad demands.
"Sorry dad, I had a gig!"

Sorry To String You All Along But...

A woman is accused of beating her husband half to death with his guitar collection.
The judge looks down at her and asks, "First offender?"
The woman replies, "Nope, first a Martin, then a Gibson, then a Fender."