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Funny Guinea Jokes and Puns

What do you call a guinea pig that has become a member of the mafia?

A hamster

A man travels to New Guinea.

A man travels to New Guinea. He wants to see the natives, but is afraid of cannibals eating him. So he asks the guide: "Are there any cannibals left in this area?"

The guide answers: "No, the last cannibal was eaten just a week ago."

What do you call an anorexic Guinea pig?

A skinny pig.

The US Government spent $365,000 to test the effect of cocaine on quails' sex drive...

The study has been met with fierce criticism by guinea pigs.

A mother brings another hamster home to her son. Excited, he runs to his father and says...

"Papua, New Guinea pig!"

Did you know guinea pigs die after having sex?

... at least the one I shagged did

What can get disease and will never live past 4?

A guinea pig you vaccine loving autist!

Btw I'm pro vax just thought this was funny.

Guinea Pigs?

I've often wondered what you call a guinea pig who is the first one to try something in his group of friends

How often do guinea pigs have sex?

Once a wheek wheek wheek wheek!

I was a Guinea pig in a new drug trial recently.

Then it wore off and I was a boring old human again

Guinea Pig, in and of it self is not offensive...

I bought my kids a cute Guinea Pig - fine

Your wife is a fat Guinea pig, not so much

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What's a fun name to call your new Italian Step-Dad?

Papa Guinea

My doctor says the key to a healthy brain is regular mental exercise.

So every morning I do some star jumps with a guinea pig sellotaped to my nut sack.

It took dozens and dozens of flushes, and a plunger, but...

my guinea pig's funeral is finally over.

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