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Funny Guac Jokes and Puns

How many guacas in a guacamole


Since chipotle charges like a $1.30 for guacamole...

I wonder if In their bussiness meetings, if they refer to their guac profits as


What does a Mexican duck say?

Guac Guac

Guac joke, What does a Mexican duck say?

What did the duck say to the avacado?

guac guac

When an avocado and a duck mate, what sound does the offspring make?


How do you know when guacamole has gone bad?

When it turns guaca-moldy.

What does a duck say when it gets hit by an avocado truck?

"Guac, guac!"

Guac joke, What does a duck say when it gets hit by an avocado truck?

What's an avocado's favorite music?

Guac N' Roll

whats the difference between Court and Supreme Court?

Supreme Court comes with sour cream and guac.

What's a guacamole equal to?

6.022140857 x 10^23 guacas.

It's also called Avocado's number.

Did you hear about the tortilla chip that plays baseball?

Last week he hit a guac off home run.

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What sound do mexican ducks make?

Guac! Guac!

What did the guacamole say to the avocado?


How many avocados are in 1 mole of guac?

6.023 x 10^23 . It is also called as the avocado's number.

What did the duck want on it's burrito?

Guac guac guac.

In my family, we make a sandwich with Lettuce, Guac, Bacon and Tomato

We call it the "over the rainbow"

Guac joke, In my family, we make a sandwich with Lettuce, Guac, Bacon and Tomato

What did the lime say to the salt?

Let's go on a guac.

Guacamole and I want to take a road trip across America...

We don't avocado.

One guacamole is...

One guacamole is... equal to 6.0221415 x 10^23 guaca's.

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