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Which chord is essential to every Christian song?


Well I've heard there was a secret chord That David played and it pleased the Lord.


What is God's favorite guitar chord?


Gsus joke, What is God's favorite guitar chord?

What's a Christian's favourite guitar chord?


What's God's favourite guitar chord?

What's the devil's favourite chord?

If God were a guitar chord, what would he be?


Did you know most Christian bands have a favourite chord?


Gsus joke, Did you know most Christian bands have a favourite chord?

What is the most Holy chord?


What's the one note a black metal band will never play?


A catholic choir is composing their own material.

Sweet Gsus, but I think what we need here is A minor.

What's God's favorite chord?


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They weren't pleased that I played I heavy metal song in the church

but I resolved it on Gsus

Guitar players are actually quite a religious bunch...

They've all found Gsus at some point.

Started a Christian acoustic band the other day...

We call ourselves "Gsus".

Which musical chord is the most holy?


What do you call the musical Messiah?


Gsus joke, What do you call the musical Messiah?

What is a priest's favorite guitar chord?


Why was the guitarist banned from church?

Because he struck a Gsus

What's the most holy of all guitar chords


Who do Musician's pray to?


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