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Funny Growls Jokes and Puns

A fox, a wolf and a weasel all go to a restaurant.

The waitress comes over and asks what they want to drink.
"Water" says the Fox,
"Coffee" growls the Wolf,
And "Pop!" Goes the Weasel!

An old lady gets into an accident with a midget...

...he gets out of the car, obviously furious, and stomps toward the old woman. "I am *not* happy," he growls.
The old woman, calm as can be, says:
"Well, which one are you, then?"

Dad to his son: Do you want to hear a really good Batman impression?!

Son: Go on, then.


Son: Dad, that's Superman!

Dad: Thanks, I've been practicing a lot.

Growls joke, Dad to his son:  Do you want to hear a really good Batman impression?!

One fine day, down at the local diner.

A waitress taking the breakfast order of a mother and her young son is startled when the little boy looks up at her and growls in a low, deep voice:

**"I want to consume the flesh of swine, and the unborn."**

His mother shakes her head, sighs, and says, "Bacon and eggs. He wants bacon and eggs."

A skinny nerd walks into a bar.

Hey! he shouts to one table All you idiots should move to table seven! and to another table he shouts And all you morons should move to table nine! A big ass body builder gets up from the first table and faces the nerd and growls Hey, I'm not an idiot! The nerd straightens his glasses, looks up to the body builder and replies Well, you go sit at table nine then.

A man drives deep into the forest

A man drives deep into the forest to get rid of his cat. He lets her out at an abandoned place. After one hour he gets a phone call from his wife: The cat is back.
The man growls: Ok, can you put her on, I got lost and need directions.

I slept with my 10 year old today...

Unfortunately, he kept waking me up with his barks and growls from the foot of my bed.

Growls joke, I slept with my 10 year old today...

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