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My upstairs neighbor recently made a groundbreaking discovery...

He can't fly

Did you hear about that new state of the art jackhammer technology?


When the first jackhammer was invented... was a groundbreaking innovation!

I'm designing a new model of jackhammer

It could be ground-breaking technology!

jokes about groundbreaking

True story

I've met a research geologist whose work was groundbreaking.

I just got a futuristic coffee maker.

It was a ground-breaking development.

Did you hear about the new machine that creates earthquakes?

It was groundbreaking.

Groundbreaking joke, Did you hear about the new machine that creates earthquakes?

I just love the new minecraft update.

It's groundbreaking.

The Jackhammer,

Now that was a groundbreaking discovery.

The shovel was a ground-breaking invention.

Next Battlefield map set in Nepal.

It's made using groundbreaking technology.

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Did you hear about the recent earthquake research?

The information is groundbreaking

Shovels are incredible

They're ground-breaking technology!

The invention of the shovel was groundbreaking,

but the invention of the broom swept the nation.

why are archaeologists so proud of their study?

their work is always groundbreaking

The person who made the shovel should receive an award

It was groundbreaking work.

Groundbreaking joke, The person who made the shovel should receive an award

A video of a groundbreaking bowler goes viral

He still had to pay to fix the bowling lane though

Have you heard of the new thing called a shovel?

It's groundbreaking.

The concept of drilling for oil was ridiculous in the mid 19th century.

Now we just see it as groundbreaking.

So I've been digging into this whole Elon thing

I musk say that this whole boring machine isn't so. It's groundbreaking and I'm glad he decided to brake ground on this project

What did the inventor of the shovel say about it?

"This is Groundbreaking!"

When you think about it

The shovel was truly groundbreaking

Theres been a breakthrough in jackhammer techology

You could say its groundbreaking

Today I learned about Harvey E. Brown, a civil war surgeon who had so many amputations he ran out of fake legs and had to use a shovel.

It was a ground-breaking medical procedure.

England will make groundbreaking headlines in the World Cup tomorrow.

Being the first team to lose against a packet of cigars.

Say what you want about jackhammers...

but honestly, they are truly a groundbreaking invention.

Groundbreaking joke, Say what you want about jackhammers...

The shovel.

The discovery of the shovel was a truly groundbreaking moment for humankind.

Researchers have developed a groundbreaking new birth control gel for men

How it works is the man applies the gel for about two minutes and then realizes he no longer needs sex.

Come to think of it the invention of the shovel was pretty important...

Some would even say it was groundbreaking

So what is your favorite groundbreaking invention?

Mine is the shovel......

The first Person to drop a Nokia made a discovery-

A groundbreaking one

The invention of the shovel was...


Sometimes I find myself just marveling at shovels.

What a groundbreaking invention.

Do you know what was said about the shovel when it was invented?

Now that's groundbreaking idea!

Apple just announced their next groundbreaking product

The iShovel

The shovel was such a great invention.

It was truly groundbreaking.

The first person to invent a drill must've said,

I've made a groundbreaking invention!

Have you ever heard shovels?

It's a groundbreaking invention.

When you think of it, invention of the shovel was groundbreaking

But it was the invention of the broom that swept the nation.

What was the most ground-breaking invention in human history?

The shovel

It may seem hard to believe now, but there was a time where the shovel was considered innovative technology.

Truly ground-breaking.

Sure, lightsabers are cutting edge technology

but the Death Star is groundbreaking

Last week I submitted a ten page in depth technical description of my groundbreaking invention to a prestigious journal... but it didn't get published.

They said I should just call a spade a spade.

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