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Top 10 Funniest Groping Jokes and Puns

John Travolta has just been accused of sexually assaulting a masseur by groping his buttocks.

Let's just hope this story has a happy ending.

A Chinese woman goes to a local fast food restaurant.

The cashier: What can I get you ma'am?

The woman orders.

The cashier then jumps over the counter and begins groping and attempting to kiss the woman in public,

The woman freaks out and pushed him away screaming Why you do dis??

The cashier says: You said you wanted dirty sex?!

The woman: I say I wanna number 36!

A jazz player was arrested for groping a lady

He was charged with saxual harrasment

I was at a party and I lost my watch

I started looking throughout the house, and when I turn a corner there's a guy standing on my timepiece, borderline groping and harassing a girl. So I go up and punch the guy, that's not gonna happen. Not on my watch.

Another TSA groping scandal?

Where will they transfer those Catholic priests next?

Women complain of widespread groping and harassment at Verizon warehouses

​Can you hear me now​​?

What's with pastors groping famous people?

There must be some Grande scheme going on.

A man started groping me...

He said everything is going to be Takei.

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