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Funny Griz Jokes and Puns

A grizzly walks in to a bar and orders a beer.

The bartended asks "hey you 21?"

How do you call a bear that knows karate?

Griz Lee

I wasn't sure about having a grizzly for a roommate

But he's bearable.

Griz joke, I wasn't sure about having a grizzly for a roommate

Why are Grizzlies such horrible employees?

They will only do the bear minimum

Two grizzlies are out grocery shopping...

Then one grizzly turns around and says to the other : "it's kinda quiet in here today dont you think?"

A grizzly tried to eat me once

It was unbearable

How does a grizzly catch fish?

With his bear hands!

Griz joke, How does a grizzly catch fish?

How does one keep a grizzly away from their campsite?

By setting up a bear-icade you dummies.

A Grizzly has attacked a school! Four are dead!

Fortunately, the rest of the salmon are OK and are peacefully continuing upstream.

What does a grizzly wear under his fur?


Why didn't the grizzly bear dissolve?

Because he wasn't polar

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What did one grizzly bear said to the other, ravaging through a campground and finding some wine bottles?

always remember that the red wine goes well with a hunter, and white - with a fisherman

What does a Grizzly say when he calls customer sevices?

Just bear with me.

The Grizzly Man died the same way he lived...

With Animals in his Heart.

What did the grizzly bear study at college?

He was an Ursa Major

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