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  1. I bought some Greek yogurt today It started asking all of the other food in my fridge for money
  2. Why is there such a big contrast between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt? Because they're different cultures.
  3. I was going to buy a greek yogurt today, every little helps. Come on guys, lets pull together.
  4. Greek Mythology: good, but not real. Greek Economy: real, but not good. Greek Yogurt: Real. Good.
  5. Do you know why the Greek economy is failing ? Because they base their economy off of yogurt

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Greek Yogurt One Liners

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  1. Greek yogurt Its just not as rich as it was before
  2. How do we know that Greek yogurt's Greek? Because it's whey strained.
  3. How is prostitution like yogurt? It costs more for Greek.
  4. Why is yogurt always in debt? Because it's Greek.
  5. Why is some yogurt called Greek yogurt? Because it has more culture
  6. Why do Greek people make yogurt with so much protein? Greek yogurt culture.
  7. I just ate 2 lbs. of Greek yogurt in one sitting And people say I'm not cultured...

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A woman goes to the store

She buys a cucumber, Greek yogurt, a gallon of milk, 2L Fanta, a loaf of bread, 6 pack of miller lites, can of olives and raisins. She then walks up to the counter places the items in front of the cash register. The cashier looks at the items, looks at her and then back at the items and says "I know you're single". The woman is surprised and laughs "That's crazy! How can you tell just based on my items?!". The cashier replies, "its cause you're ugly"