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Yo mama fell down...

The physicists discovered Gravitational waves today

Justin told me my mama was so fat she had a gravitational orbit ...

I told him he doesn't understand how physics works, cause everyone has a gravitational orbit.

Then I informed him his dad is so massive that his gravitational orbit is so large, not even light can escape it — and that's why he hasn't seen his dad in 20 years!

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

& they're like "How did your milkshake develop a gravitational pull that was gender specific?"

Gravitational joke, My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Your mom is very attractive...

...mainly due to her massive gravitational pull.

The most attractive part of Amy Schumer is....

Her Gravitational pull.

Yo mama so fat, you can see directly behind her

Gravitational lensing

When I met your Mom I was extremely attracted to her because

that's how large object gravitational fields work.

Gravitational joke, When I met your Mom I was extremely attracted to her because

Your mama is so fat...

If you and I stood ten feet from her and you walked to her then walked back to me I would have aged 20 years due to gravitational time dilation.

Your mother is a head turner

By that I mean that the gravitational field of her planetary body is trying to pull my head in orbit

Scientists detected gravitational waves directly for the first time

Your mom's gonna get half the Nobel prize.

Yo' mama so fat--

Bacterias can't leave her body due to her gravitational force.

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Yo mama so fat that when she sat down...

the LIGO detected gravitational waves

I would like to have an argumentative conversation about the gravitational effect of matter in the universe with you.

In other words I would like to mass debate with you.

What does a chef and a gravitational wave astronomer have in common?

They both work in gastronomy

Your parents are so fat...

scientists detect gravitational waves when they have sex

If job opportunity is gravitational field,

Then I am in space.

Gravitational joke, If job opportunity is gravitational field,

Why does the equipment look bigger on men with beer bellies?

Gravitational lensing!

Yo mama so fat...

... slapping her belly causes gravitational waves.


... every step she takes causes a ripple in special relativity.

Yo momma's so fat...

LIGO detected her gravitational wave.

You remind me of a beautiful star in the night sky...

You each have your own gravitational pull.

Yo momma so fat,

the closer you get to her, the slower time passes for you in relation to an observer outside her gravitational pull.

Yo mama so huge, you can see everything directly behind her

Because of the gravitational lensing.

Your momma is so fat

Her gravitational field is ridiculously strong making her literally attractive

Your dad didn't find your mom magnetic.

he found her gravitational.

So LIGO scientists were finally able to detect gravitational waves...

Don't know what took them so long. Your mom's been around for some time now, rippling spacetime.

Your momma is so fat....

...that scientists measured gravitational waves when she moved.

What led to the discovery of gravitational waves?

A simple game of hopscotch:

Me v. Yo Mama

Yo Mama's sooooooo fat

LIGO could have used her to detect gravitational waves

Yo mama so fat....

that when she sits in space-time she causes gravitational waves

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